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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Countdown to Roses - Minnesota at MSU Post Game

My predictions are published:
Countdown To Roses - Minnesota at MSU
Minnesota at MSU Prediction Summary.
Numbers do not win games, no matter how cleverly they are presented and/or manipulated. Statistics can only give probabilities based on quality data. In Countdown, it was acknowledged that there were insufficient data for a good analysis. However, I also wrote that I had my spoon ready and I expect the crow to fly.

Prediction: Michigan State 157 yards rushing (+42/-36 yards). Actual: 188 yds
Prediction: Michigan State 192 yards passing (+31/-46 yards). Actual: 143 yds
Prediction: Michigan State 25 points (+7/-9 points). Actual: 14 pts

Prediction: Minnesota 75 yards rushing (+14/-29 yards). Actual: 116 yds
Prediction: Minnesota 115 yards passing (+38/-39 yards). Actual: 127 yds
Prediction: Minnesota 12 points (+5/-5 points). Actual: 3 pts

Only 2 of 6 predictions were accurate.

Crow, roasted, is quite good.
Then there are crow tacos with salsa and beer.
Trust me, crow tastes pretty damned good when it comes with a Spartan Victory!

My personal prediction as posted in comments on was 32-7. Not even close.

Next up, the Buckeyes at Lucas Oil, then off to the Rose Bowl.


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