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Saturday, November 23, 2013


Let's review the football rivalry between Michigan State and Michigan. Wolverine fans are constantly bragging about their "all-time wins record", but to do so, they are actually counting rugby scrimmages from the late 1800s as "football". Here's a look at the last ten years of the series.

Last 10 Football Games Between MSU and UM
  • Ten Game Record = MSU 5, UM 5
  • Non-Overtime Record = MSU 4, UM 3
  • Total Points = MSU 267, UM 228 (MSU + 39)

  • MSU TEN YEAR TOTAL = 75-50 (.600)
  • Six bowl games, two wins
  • Current Bowl Games in a row = 6
  • Biggest Bowl Win Streak = 2
  • Current Bowl Win Streak = 2
  • League Championships = 1
  • Division Titles = 2

  • UM TEN YEAR TOTAL = 77-47 (.621)
  • Nine bowl games, two wins
  • Current Bowl Games in a row = 3
  • Current Bowl Win Streak = 0
  • Biggest Bowl Win Streak = 1
  • League Championships = 1
  • Division Titles = 0

BOTTOM LINE:  Michigan State has a better bowl streak in progress, as well as a better bowl-win streak. MSU has "measured up" with league championships and division titles over the last decade. The series is tied in wins/losses, and the Spartans lead in points scored. The overall game record of the two teams is very similar, with only three games separation over 10 seasons.

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