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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Ever notice how Michigan fans seem to believe they are better than the rest? I know, dumb question, it's obvious. They like to talk about the "Michigan Difference" but they never explain that the difference is mainly in their own arrogance and conceit.

Their school is fine, their sports are fine, there are good points and bad points about their whole package. But they truly believe that they are better than you and me and anybody that's not them. In the final analysis, that's the "difference" between UM fans and the rest of us.

In the worst cases, we call them "chUMps". Why call them by that name? We all have our reasons, and here are mine. (link here)

Of course there are exceptions to every rule. Some folks actually attended Michigan and yet avoided the attitudinal infection that afflicts so many of their students and fans. That's why I say that not all Michigan fans are chUMps. (link here)

Those chUMps called out Spartans for years, labeling us in various ways and accusing us of various things. Like burning couches, for instance. Then, when their men's basketball team lucked their way into the Final Four, what did the Michigan fans do after the games? They burned couches, proving that they're not so different than many others. (link here)

As if arson wasn't enough, these same chUMps then decided to commit vandalism by attacking the famous Sparty Statue on the MSU campus. No other schools send people to do that to Sparty, so maybe that's the "Michigan Difference". (link here)

Then after trumpeting their academic reputation and trying to tie it in with athletics, they turned their own school into a Basketball Factory by sending college dropouts directly to the NBA without diplomas. Wow, that is so different from Kentucky! (link here)

Keep your eyes and ears open for more examples of how Michigan is "different" and send them to us by commenting on this article (below).

Added by Return2Glory: Blast from the past. App State "Doobie-Fest". How many players were not high for that game?
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