As usual, a lot of pundits are picking Michigan State to disappoint this season. Most aren’t saying that Michigan State will do poorly; instead, they are saying that the Spartans simply won’t have as good of a season as last year. I’m going the other way and predicting another double-digit victory season, and a trip to the Rose Bowl. 
Michigan State starts slow, with easy games lined up against Youngstown State and Florida Atlantic. With that crushing loss to Central Michigan just two years ago still on many Spartans' mind, don’t expect Sparty to drop these two. Both of these will be 50ish-20ish Michigan State. 
The first real challenge, and perhaps in some ways the most dangerous one, is at Notre Dame. This vicious, long-running and largely even rivalry will be a major test for both teams. If the Spartans lose here, it might deflate team confidence and contribute to later losses. 
More importantly, the Fighting Irish will test what has long been Michigan State's Achilles heel, the secondary. Thankfully, this unit is looking to be quite strong and I expect them to hold out against the Irish in a hard fought game and etch out a narrow victory. A loss wouldn’t be a surprise, however, as this will be an explosive team.
Either way, expect a high scoring game with a key turn over or two by our secondary. The teams will trade the lead, but the Spartans come out on top, 38-35.

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Next, a quick Chippewa snack.Central Michigan will likely have another down year and Michigan State will make quick work of their MAC brethren, 42-21 Spartans. 
Then, an all-important visit to Ohio State. If this were at Spartan Stadium, I would already be placing my bank account on a Spartan victory. Ohio State will have a down year due to all of the off-field distractions, the loss of some of their best players for the first five games and unexpected changes at quarterback and head coach.
Still, this is the Horseshoe stadium and the Buckeyes will defend their turf. Ohio State will get the first score, but Michigan State will take the next two. It will be a hard-fought battle with Ohio State giving its all, but Michigan State will come out in a narrow six-point victory. Expect some key stops from our defense. Spartans win, 21-17.
Michigan will come in with all the swagger in the world. There will be the normal trash talking and arrogance on both sides, and the game will be hard fought. Continue reading by clicking on the jump below...