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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The following post is a response I entered on M-Live to a reader debate on Andrew Maxwell. Some fans seem to think he has earned a spot on the bench. Some defend him. Some want Connor Cook. Some want Damion Terry who is breaking records in Pennsylvania HIGH SCHOOL football. Others want to can Dan Roushar, the offensive coordinator. There won't be much drama around any of this stuff in the "off season" - at least not by design.

People amaze me with their tunnel vision and inability to see the "inter-contectedness" of the many parts of a system. Here is the post...

The offense is an eco-system. When one part goes bad, it contaminates the rest. The nightmare started with the receivers dropping passes and running bad routes which affected the flow for play calling (consistent negative down and distance situations and available options to deal with it - coaching did not adapt well). The drops and negative down distance and poor flow to play calling complicated Maxwell's development and reduced confidence. When he did make a bad throw or bone head mistake (some, that every QB makes), the stakes were higher - the receivers had already used up the margin for error, making each throw more and more critical (causing fans to further increase the pressure with each sailing pass) as the "3 and outs" kept rolling in. Then the injuries started coming in waves along with the pressure of mounting losses and the emotional drain of close, "woulda-shoulds-coulda" games. Mix it all in and I'm guessing that only a few very special QBs would have impressed in their first year starting - especially as compared to the expectations surrounding the program (and even some trash talking/tweeting from inside the program). Don't get me wrong - Maxwell still played poorly. The coaching had oversights and flat out misses. There is no avoiding those facts. I just think it snowballed on Maxwell as the "eco-system" (of which he was a part) deteriorated around him.

Here is why Dantonio will not make a change:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How does MSU fair when rushing on 2nd down and 8 or longer?

Shaw Lane Spartans tells us...

"...So if the plan is to get tricksy by hitting them with a 2nd and long run when they least expect it, with an 18 percent conversion rate, MSU isn’t putting Maxwell into manageable down and distance. If MSU converts the third down it’s usually in spite of their current down and distance on third down instead of because of it."

...Read the full post with stats chart here.

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