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Saturday, December 31, 2011 Rexrode and fans unload

December 30, 2011

Higher learning, sports, power and Izzo

Yeah, this post was planned for Thursday morning. Stuff kept happening. Finally, we can talk about this Steve Weiberg piece in USA Today about concern over coaches who are "deities on their campuses." And this Christine Brennan column asking why we should buy this reform talk. And our contribution to the package, a look at MSU's resident icon -- whose long-term relationships with his athletic director and president give Michigan State a unique situation. It gave us a happily cluttered cutting-room floor.

    Helping out on this provided me with three very interesting interviews. Here's every word. It may seem like a lot, but there's some good stuff in there. Squint and bear it. Notice that the "icon" question served as the ice breaker. Also, take this as confirmation that the university and athletic department don't agree on everything. Lou Anna Simon may be a sports-friendly university president, but she's still a university president. Conflicts between those branches are inevitable -- unless you have a doormat for a president. That's not what MSU has.
    Do you view Tom Izzo as an iconic figure?
    "I cannot use the word ‘icon’ to describe people who are part of Team MSU. He is extraordinary. He is obviously a very visible part of Team MSU and to represent our values. But I don’t typically use the word ‘iconic’ to describe anyone who’s a part of our team. And I think that’s one of the mistakes that we make. Because you can celebrate greatness without making people an icon.”

    Whether you call him an icon or not, would you agree that he’s been arguably the face of Michigan State over the past several years?
    “I would because, essentially, there’s not 24-hour academic radio or TV to give visibility to other people who do extraordinary work. So I think in the nature of the entertainment industry, it’s individuals who are part of athletics who tend to get the biggest public exposure, given the nature of the

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Draymond Green continues Michigan State's tradition of loyalty, dedication

SpartanJim asked us to highlight this article from the Detroit News...  Thanks Jim!


East Lansing— On some nights, it's very easy to see the value of Draymond Green.

     That was certainly the case on Dec. 10 when the Michigan State senior scored a career-high 34 points in a victory at Gonzaga.
     He was the best player on the floor that night, making 11 of 13 shots, including a 4-for-5 performance from 3-point range and making 8 of 9 free throws. Throw in four assists and there was little Green did not do in the Spartans' eighth straight victory.
     In other games, however, it's the small things that Green does that make him so valuable.
     In a win over Bowling Green on Saturday, Green had

Monday, December 19, 2011

Remembering Andre Rison

    This will be the third time that the Spartans meet the Bulldogs from Georgia.  I was at the first meeting on New Year’s Day in 1989 at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville.  We lost that first meeting but I still remember the show that Andre Rison put on that day.  Down 17-0, Sparty had to air it out.  Before it was over, #1 had nine catches for 252 yards and three touchdowns in the 34-27 loss. 
    If anyone wants to see some Andre Highlights check out

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jam Packed Post: Reflections, Outback Bowl, 2012 Depth, Recruiting Success

The patchwork offensive line really has grown together since season-ending injuries to two starters in the ND game. They allowed ZERO sacks in the final four games including the BTCG and they created more running room for the ground game. Kirk Cousins posted excellent stats in the last five games. Read more here (
Dantonio quote to look at again after the Georgia game: "Really, when you look at our football team we are relatively young. We really have one senior in our top 22 on defense with (Kevin) Pickelman being out and (Johnathan) Strayhorn being out."

If the D stands in the Outback Bowl, it is a very good sign for 2012 and beyond. See the current 2-deep depth chart here. It gives us a glimpse of the future (discussed further, below)
There is even promise for 2012 when looking at the offense. Note that the likely starters at the three key areas of loss in 2012 look very promising (+/- vs 2011).
QB (-): Lose leadership and experience, but gain skill with Andrew Maxwell (Elite-11, 4-star, red-shirt junior).
TE/FB (-): Lose Celek and Linthicum, but stepping in is Dion Sims. That is a + in the match-up department, but depth/experience as well as the FB position loss (Anderson) brings this 2012 playing group down to a minus vs. 2011
WR (-): Lose starters Cunningham and Matin and reserve Nichol, but filling their roles will likely be Tony Lippett, Bennie Fowler and Keith Mumphery (or one of the promising freshmen who were red-shirted this year. MSU is also in on recruiting a top JC WR for 2012). That's a good, athletic group of starters for 2012 - the problem will be experience and depth. The loss of Donald Spencer last summer really hurts here - but wait! See the OL and RB projections.
OL (+): We lose a senior captain in Joel Foreman, and everyone else returns plus two medical red-shirts who were starters at the beginning of 2011. Treadwell, in my opinion, will switch back to DL (where he was in the playing group as a freshman and sophomore) if Worthy goes pro.
RB (+): The same crew will be back, but more experienced and likely bigger and/or faster and more hungry. Combined with a + on the offensive line, we should dominate the ground game - which in turn helps a new QB and receivers.

Overall, that's not that huge of a drop-off for the offense, especially when balanced by an even more experienced defense and all key contributors (except Martin, PR) are returning on special teams (K, P, KR). That end of the game field goal or big punt possibility should not be underestimated. The improved running game will also help shorten games when we have a lead. The future is bright.
You heard it here first: With a 5th year senior QB, the SPARTANS WILL RETURN TO THE B1G CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2013 (Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin are off the schedule). The question is, "Will that mean the Spartans appeared in the first 3 BTCGs ever, or only the first 2 of 3?"

See future schedules here.
I found a post on a Blog with a terrible title (The Little Brother Blog) that takes an interesting look at something I brought up in an earlier post. The author supports my observations that Dantonio's player evaluation and player development skills far out way his recruiting "success" based on recruiting services rankings. Here is his angle:
Here are the ratings gave to each 2011 Michigan State starter as a recruit:

Offense — Kirk Cousins 2-star (’07), Le’Veon Bell 2-star (’10), B.J. Cunningham 2-star (’07), Keshawn Martin 3-star (’08), Keith Nichol 4-star (’07-Oklahoma), Brian Linthicum 3-star (’08-Clemson), Dan France 3-star (’09), Joel Foreman 2-star (’07), Travis Jackson 3-star (’10), Chris McDonald 3-star (’08), Fou Fonoti 3-star (’11-JC)

Defense — Will Gholston 5-star (’10), Kevin Pickelman 2-star (’07), Jerel Worthy 3-star (’08), Marcus Rush 3-star (’10), Denicos Allen 3-star (’09), Max Bullough 4-star (’10), Chris Norman 4-star (’09), Darqueze Dennard 2-star (’10), Trenton Robinson 2-star (’08), Isaiah Lewis 4-star (’10), Johnny Adams 3-star (’08)

A few of things jump out at me. First, the highest-rated recruit on offense is Nichol, who of course was a 4-star quarterback not wide receiver. Second, Pickelman was a 2-star tight end prospect and turned into a solid defensive tackle.

Next, other than Gholston, Bullough, Norman and Lewis, none of the 22 starters were considered highly sought after recruits at their positions.

Full post on Little Brother
Referring back to that previous post where I mentioned that Dantonio recruits no better than John L. Smith when looking only at player and team rankings; here is an exceprt...

     Because of the Spartans success, and media misinformation, fans have been falsely led to believe that Dantonio has consistently recruited highly ranked classes - even to point that most people thought MSU had more "talent" on the field than chUMps and the last four years. This perception is not accurate when looking the "raw" talent in the recruiting classes. Coaching and player development have been at least as important as the talent level of high school seniors who chose MSU.
     Before you rip the recruiting rankings concept - let me state an indisputable fact. The percentage 5-star recruits who achieve all-conference honors and are drafted to the NFL, is far higher than that of 4-star recruits. The gap between 4-star and 3-star is even larger. At the very least, recruiting higher rated players gives a program a greater margin of error to cover missed player evaluations, injuries and "bad apples". See Spartan Magazine for in-depth statistical analysis to support these claims.  What Dantonio and his staff has done is develop (and retain) players so well that many, including TV game commentators, assume they were blue-chip recruits to begin with.
     Recruiting rankings by year ( for top Legends Division teams:

                             MSU       chUMps       Nebraska         Iowa
2012  (updated      39              2                    45          Not in top 50
2011                      31             21                   15                 30
2010                      30             20                   22                 42
2009                      17             8                     28                 NR
2008                      47            10*                  30            NR (*chUMps transition class)
2007                      42*          12                    13            28 (*MSU transition class)
John L Smith...
2006                      33            13                   20                  39
2005                      35              6                    5                   11
2004                      16              5                    27                 38
2003                      NR            17                  42                 43

     Spartan rankings are not any better now than under John L. Smith. In fact, JLS has the highest ranked class, and Dantonio has the two lowest ranked classes when comparing head-to-head. Although MSU is now recruiting smarter (for needs and evaluations) and getting players, who in the past may have selected direct rivals - particularly chUMps. That makes these higher value classes than the rankings might suggest. By the way, those of you who think chUMps are going away might want to note the huge edge in the quality of "raw material" they have to work with. Hopefully, their coaching is not up to par in the development department, and MSU's staff will remain the equalizer.
     If you would like to see the full previous post, click here.

VIDEO: Dantonio on BTCG Loss, Team, Georgia and Future

Dantonio met with reporters in the hall at the Duffy Building. Click here to view.

In reference to the Big Ten Championship game, he said, "We will be back" in that game again.

Interesting side comment: He mentioned that (based on what someone told him) if the conference were divided in these divisions for the past four years, the Spartans would have been in that game three of the last four years.
Click here to view.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Be a Hokie for a Day (& Hokie-Spartan Love)

     Our current allies, the Virginia Tech Hokies, are having trouble generating interest in their bowl game. We have to support our second favorite team this bowl season. The enemy of our enemy is our friend.
     I always ask anyone who buys a dUMp the chUMps button how they found out about the buttons. This week I received the beautiful response. It really must be love. Here is what jmitch (from Virginia) said:

"I found it on eBay while looking for MSU merchandise. My girlfriend is a Spartan and I am a Hokie. I figured this way she could enjoy my bowl game even though she got robbed. :) Thanks!"

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Video - The "Winning-est" Senior Class in the Big Ten

This is a fun tribute to the senior class with the most wins in MSU history.
If you are receiving this post via email, click the link at the bottom of the page to view the video.
Please comment at the bottom of the post (easy "name" sign-in or other auto-sign ins available).

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

VIDEO: Spartan Allegiance to "The Flag"

It's been a few days since Saturday night's championship game and since then, I've had some time to reflect about this loss... a loss that hurt like no other. I've come to a few realizations...

I realize- that most will ask if I want some "whine with all that cheese"
I realize- that several will try to convince me to be happy that we got this far
I realize- that even more will tell me not to be so petty and simply "get over it"
I realize- that a few will question my football knowledge & label me a Kmart Spartan
I realize- that a lot will tell me that I should just be happy it was such a good game
I realize- that many will lecture about how to be a "good sport" and lose with dignity
I realize- that nearly all will tell me that I'm simply flat-out dead wrong

Finally, I realize- that I DO NOT CARE!

Yes, I'm going to relive, rehash and replay the play that changed the game because I felt that we were wrongfully cheated.
4th & 3 and 1:55 left in the game.
Ball set at the 25 1/2 yard line.

(The replay as shown on TV)

As you all know the outcome, Isiah Lewis was flagged for "Running Into The Kicker" despite Keyshawn Martin returning the ball inside the Wisconsin five yard line which was called back giving Wisconsin the five necessary yards for a first down needed to ice a victory.

A sad ending to this story, right? WRONG. Some of you may have read something similar on Red Cedar message board but I have a very strong opinion about this.

I was always under the impression that the penalty called "Running Into The Kicker" meant to penalize ANY contact whatsoever from a player into the kicker. So I found the official NCAA rule of what constituted "Running Into The Kicker." As the rule reads, it has 10 separate clauses and for brevity sake, I've included the three most relevant refutations as they pertain to the MSU/Wisco "Puntergate" (Yes, I'm coining that term!) play at the end of the game.

My comments to each of the points below in bold.

Per NCAA rules Article 16.1

Clause 3. Incidental contact with a kicker or holder is not a foul.
The replay illustrates Wisconsin punter Brad Nortman's leg being grazed by MSU's Isiah Lewis; at no point is there any contact to his body that would cause a player to fall in that way. *IMPORTANT* Notice how the rule does NOT state, "No contact whatsoever is allowed" but rather the word "incidental" is used-- in the same way the pass interference rule is written. This is exactly why those who don't understand football will chant "boos" at referees when their receiver is "lightly touched" by an opposing defender and no flag is called.

Clause 5. When a defensive player’s contact against the kicker or holder is caused by an opponent’s block (legal or illegal), there is no foul for running into or roughing.
Again, as the replay would clearly show, Wisconsin right side upback #96 Beau Allen make a perfectly legal block on MSU's Isiah Lewis. This block/forearm push on Lewis (while moving full speed) greatly affected his trajectory course,
causing the incidental contact with the punter. Again, this rule does not state that an "opponent must directly block the defensive player into kicker." The rule only states that the actual contact made came as a result of the block -including- a player's angle-of-attack.

Clause 8b. A kicker or holder simulating being roughed or run into by a defensive player commits an unsportsmanlike act (A.R. 9-1-16-V).
It's not hard to dissect what sports fans commonly refer to as "The Flop" most commonly associated with soccer players. Once again, I refer you to the replay of the contact made and the voluntary spin-fall that ensued. I also couldn't help but notice Wisconsin punter Brad Nortman's post-contact reactionary smile while beating his unathletic chest coming off the field... or simply read his post game locker room comments where he actually ADMITS to his flop.

Now, having presented with an overwhelming body of evidence, there's also the unwritten rule in all sports: In ANY major game (especially a championship) towards the end of a close game-- refs must swallow their whistles unless a play is so glaringly obvious so as they are forced to make the call. Players should decide games, not officials. I'm not quoting some weird conspiracy theory or goofy camera angle. I simply referring to the rules as written.

I realize this "Running Into The Kicker" penalty is meant to protect defenseless players (which is debatable) however, this is simply unacceptable for referees (who should know this rule distinction) to make a call that dramatically altered the outcome of what otherwise was a great championship game.

Any journalist, commentator, analyst or so-called "expert" that says otherwise is either too lazy to read the rule or blatantly misinformed.

Your Humble Servant,
-Daniel J Stepanian-Bennett

Go Green!

Forbes SportsMoney: chUMps BCS Selection Doesn't Add Up


12/05/2011 @ 11:56AM |53,002 views

Michigan State Is Bowled Over Again By The BCS

Roger Groves, Contributor

Last year about this time, I wrote a Forbes post stating that before Michigan State even played its bowl game it had already lost the BCS sweepstakes.  To avoid antitrust lawsuits, the BCS established a rule that “No more than two teams from a conference may be selected [to a BCS game], regardless of whether they are automatic qualifiers or at-large selections, unless two non-champions from the same conference are ranked No. 1 and No. 2 in the final BCS Standings.” Last year, the Big Ten had three teams tied for

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Polls and Bowls. Blame and Shame.


I have not had the heart to read all the analysis and chatter. If I missed something in my thoughts below, feel free to add your comments (the Name/URL sign in seems to be easiest if you don't have a google account).

During the game I commented often, in the open chat on this site, that Dantonio was making excellent game management decisions and calls that were beyond what most coaches can deliver. From the pre-set hook and lateral to the fake PAT for a two point conversion, to the "go for it or punt decision" that lead to the Wisky 3 and almost-out prior to the

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Big Ten Network Game Preview and Post Game Schedule

Viewers will likely receive greater quantity and depth in the BTN coverage of the game.

Note that during the Championship game, BTN is showing a special on Blow scUMbuckler. No doubt a chUMp working at BTN made that a conscious decision. It's just another reason Spartans should always want the chUMp athletic program to lose, flounder and suffer misfortunes. MSU not only has to compete with them on the field/court/ice/course, they have to deal with media influence that chUMps wield to create a falsely positive image at every possible angle.

Here is your BTN Big Game Guide...

Let's Remember Who's Not Playing in the B1G Championship

With the addition of perennial football powerhouse, Nebraska Cornhuskers, to the Big Ten the only question over the summer in the Legends division was who would finish second. The chUMps are always a preseason favorite and then there was Iowa who made a statement last year. Michigan State’s schedule was just too brutal to consider finishing even second in the division.

Then we played the games.

Nebraska proved they were real good in that sea of red west of the Mississippi River. They handed the Spartans their only Big Ten loss in what was apparently an emotional game for them. Big Red failed to realize that this is

Friday, December 2, 2011

Recruiting at MSU on upswing - Player Development a Key

The recruiting report below underscores points made in post MSU is taking steps to support foundation Dantonio is building

Just Win.

Written by
Denny Schwarze

The Michigan State football team won a co-Big Ten championship in 2010 and will have a chance to win a second straight on Saturday against Wisconsin.

Mark Dantonio and the Spartans hope to turn the recent success on the field into increased success and eventual staying power on the recruiting trail.

The Spartans have 15 players committed for its 2012 class and will look to be a little more selective when filling out the final pieces up until National Signing Day.

Dantonio will get a chance to showcase how high the MSU program has risen to some of those remaining recruits in the Big Ten Championship Game.

"There are a lot of people that aren't playing. ... We're on the big stage," Dantonio said. Midwest recruiting analyst Allen Trieu believes a national stage will help.

"They've had a great year and all the recruits know that. They have a national stage in primetime and a chance to win the conference title and a lot of recruits are going to be watching. They kind of have a week all to themselves," Trieu said.

Though signing day isn't until February, Trieu believes this year's Spartan class competes with the upper half of the Big Ten.

"I think it's stacking up really well. They're likely headed toward a top-five finish in the conference," Trieu said.

The class is highlighted by Farmington Hills Harrison wide receiver Aaron Burbridge, who was recently elevated to the top player in Michigan by recruiting services and also moved Burbridge into their list of the top 100 high school seniors in the country.

Another current commit, Jamal Lyles of Southfield Lathrup High School, was bumped up from a three-star prospect to a four-star on Lyles, who was already a four-star on, is being projected as either a linebacker or a defensive end depending on how much he grows.

Burbridge, Lyles, Traverse City St. Francis linebacker Riley Bullough and offensive lineman Kodi Kieler of Gibraltar Carlson are the only other in-state commits in the class.

The Spartans have been busy recruiting outside the state, landing prospects from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Georgia and Florida.

Arguably the two most impressive recruits from out-of-state are Se'von Pittman from Canton, Ohio, and Macgarrett Kings Jr. from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Pittman, who hails from the same high school that produced former MSU linebacker Percy Snow and basketball forward Raymar Morgan, is rated as the eighth-best weakside defensive end in the country according to and the 81st-best player overall.

In a state where Ohio State usually scoops up the best local talent, Pittman is rated the third-best prospect in Ohio and as high as first on other lists.

Kings Jr. has the build and speed to be a perfect heir apparent down the line for current receiver Keshawn Martin. The Florida wideout held offers from Georgia and Wisconsin and had strong interest from Auburn.

But the underlying theme that the Spartan coaching staff has shown goes way beyond stars next to a prospect's name. They've been able to cultivate talent, which has led them to the door step of back-to-back Big Ten crowns.

"They've proven throughout the history with this staff that they don't need a national top 10 class to be successful," Trieu said. "They've taken guys like Le'Veon Bell, Keshawn Martin and Kirk Cousins and turned them into all-conference players. ...

"When you build a program and it all starts from the gound up, each year they've not only raised the talent level on the roster but they've developed a lot of these guys into NFL prospects and that's big for recruits."

Now that the Spartans have played for the Big Ten championship in their last game in three of the past four seasons, younger recruits past the 2012 class are also starting to take note of the program's consistency.

Linebacker Jon Reschke of Birmingham Brother Rice is only a junior, but figures to be one of the top 2013 prospects in the state.

Reschke already has an MSU offer and figures to garner more as his prep career continues. While he has interest in programs such as Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon and Stanford, it didn't take him long to identify his leader after the Warriors defeated Lowell 24-14 in the Division 2 state championship game last month at Ford Field.

"I still want to go to some college games, check out some more schools, ... but right now Michigan State's definitely my favorite," Reschke said. "Everytime I go up there they treat me as a player already, so it's pretty great. I like the family atmosphere up there the most. Great program, too. Coach Dantonio does a great job."

Other prospects recognize those things too.

"A lot of the kids we talk to are younger guys and a lot of them have to get that experience early. I think that's important for Michigan State," Trieu said. "Kids certainly recognize the upward direction a program has been heading and how those players have been developed."

Monday, November 28, 2011


Now that the Weasels have pulled off their miracle season, speculation is rampant that they will "leapfrog" MSU and be invited to play in one of the Basically Corrupt System (BCS) bowl games. This latest preemptive rumor is based on the assumption that MSU will lose to Wisconsin on Saturday.

Isn't that the way all of these innuendos begin? They all start with the premise that something will go wrong for Michigan State, and finish with how something will go right for Michigan. And they always come up before anything has happened. That way, whatever actually happens can make people forget the specious rumor in case it doesn't turn out to be true.

For example, consider the pregame slams against MSU two weeks ago. It was strongly suggested that Spartan fans should root for UM against Nebraska, when the only possible way it would help MSU for UM to win that game is if MSU lost another game. In other words, the story began with the idea that MSU was certainly going to fail.

In this case, many are assuming that UM will get to a "better bowl" before MSU has even played in the conference championship. People are discussing it as if it's already REAL.

But what does Brady Hoke think about it? After all, should his team get into a "better bowl", they will certainly face a "better team" that will be more likely to start his post-season career at Michigan just like his idol, Blow ScUMbuckler. (The Old Blowhard lost his first seven bowl games, which is what he meant by being a "champion".)

Should Michigan be selected for a "better bowl", for any reason, they will more likely get their cleats handed to them before a larger audience than if they face a more evenly-matched opponent. So Brady Hoke would stand to benefit from playing a lower-ranked team, as he would then be more likely to actually win a game in the post-season, rather than finishing with the normal wolverine whimper. That's what they mean by "The Michigan Difference".

Perhaps the sports media should be asking Brady Hoke if he would rather win or lose in his first bowl game, and if he wants to win, they should ask him if he will be rooting for MSU against Wisconsin. They should ask him if he wants to follow in the footsteps of the Michigan Legend.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spartans Clinch Rose Bowl Appearance...

...if you use the rules in place since the BIG10 conference was established eons ago. The Spartans finish with the best record in the Big Ten - On to Southern California to play in the Grand Daddy of them all!

Oh. Wait. It doesn't work that way anymore? So last year we tie for first, beat the team that went to the Rose Bowl and this year we win outright with the best record in the Big ten, no ties and still not assured of going? In fact, in order to go we need to give a team we already beat, a second crack at us and if they win we fall into a tie with them and they get to go? Huh? Who thought this up?

I think the chUMps

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MSU is taking steps to support foundation Dantonio is building

Assistant Pay: Under-reported step forward.

Coaching staff continuity has been part of the success formula for Mark Dantonio and the Spartans. Through the first 3-years the staff did not experience a single defection. In fact, the entire staff was together at Cincinnati prior to moving to East Lansing with Dan Enos being a valuable transition figure. Enos was the lone staff John L. Smith member retained by Dantonio; he coached under Dantanio at Cincinnati prior to coming to MSU. That stability and the deep working relationships on the

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re-visit: Should Spartans Root for chUMps?

If the chUMps win Saturday and MSU loses the Big ten Championship game and win at NW, they would three loses. chUMps would have two losses and go to BCS game while we go to the same old bowl. So remind me again why we were supposed to root for chUMps last Saturday? Spartans NEVER have a reason to root for chUMps. This scenario is case and point. If MSU needs a chUMp win to accomplish something - go rake leaves. Just don't watch. NEVER put yourself in position to want anything good for little chUMpsters and actually cheer for it. What's bad for them is good for us. In the extremely rare case that the rule doesn't hold true - just ignore them!

Question for SPARTY fans

Now that Dick Rod is at Arizona do you want the Wildcat football program to succeed or fail? 


Personally, I want them to turn around their awful program in record time giving the Rod all of the credit.  He is no Michigan man.  Why root against him?  Success as a head coach as bookends around the chUMp stint would just upset Ann Arbor land even more.  The only coach with a losing record at Michigan winning everywhere else he coaches would force people to focus on the awful teams that they during those wonderful years.


As long as the chUMps continue to lose to the Green and White as well as the Scarlet and Gray nothing else really matters.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MSU Game Stats... Will Play Winner of Penn State at Wisconsin


Scoring Summary
First QuarterIndMSU
MSUFG10:07Dan Conroy 21 yd FG03
MSUTD6:24B.J. Cunningham 63 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dan Conroy kick)010
MSUTD2:09Keshawn Martin 47 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dan Conroy kick)017
Second QuarterIndMSU
IndFG10:44Mitch Ewald 22 yd FG317
MSUTD10:06Keshawn Martin 19 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)324
MSUTD5:17Edwin Baker 10 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)331
MSUFG0:48Dan Conroy 33 yd FG334
Third QuarterIndMSU
MSUTD11:35B.J. Cunningham 7 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dan Conroy kick)341
MSUTD7:37Johnny Adams 86 yd interception return (Dan Conroy kick)348
Fourth QuarterIndMSU
MSUTD14:28Edwin Baker 3 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)355
Team Stats
 IndianaMichigan State
First downs1222
3rd Down Efficiency3-15, 20%6-12, 50%
4th down efficiency0-2, 0%0-1, 0%
Passing Yards142296
Return Yards196222
Sacks-Yards Lost3--240-0
Fumbles Lost0-00-0
Penalties - Yards8-755-45
Time of Possession29:5630:04
Indiana Passing
T. Roberson10239202
E. Wright-Baker595000
Michigan State Passing
K. Cousins162327230
A. Maxwell472200
P. Badovinac11200
Indiana Rushing
S. Houston13403.10
K. Hughes3175.70
T. Roberson10121.20
D. Roberts5112.20
M. Perez263.00
N. Stoner166.00
D. Blackwell155.00
D. Muhammad122.00
E. Wright-Baker1-5-5.00
Michigan State Rushing
L. Bell9687.60
E. Baker10343.42
N. Hill5306.00
K. Martin11919.01
L. Caper5163.20
A. Maxwell144.00
J. Foreman133.00
T. Anderson111.00
Indiana Receiving
D. Muhammad9738.10
K. Hughes22713.50
S. Houston22613.00
S. Wynn11111.00
M. Perez155.00
Michigan State Receiving
B. Cunningham613222.02
K. Martin89912.41
L. Bell12323.00
G. Celek12121.00
B. Linthicum2126.00
K. Nichol144.00
B. Sonntag133.00
N. Palazeti122.00
Indiana Interceptions
Michigan State Interceptions
J. Adams186
D. Drone10
Indiana Punting
A. Pines936840.9
Michigan State Punting
K. Selden314247.3
Indiana Punt Returns
Michigan State Punt Returns
K. Martin56412.8
Indiana Kick Returns
N. Stoner47719.3
S. Wynn39331.0
K. Mullen12626.0
Michigan State Kick Returns
N. Hill16767.0
T. Hammock155.0
Indiana Missed FG
Michigan State Missed FG
Attendance: 74,128
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