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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spartans Clinch Rose Bowl Appearance...

...if you use the rules in place since the BIG10 conference was established eons ago. The Spartans finish with the best record in the Big Ten - On to Southern California to play in the Grand Daddy of them all!

Oh. Wait. It doesn't work that way anymore? So last year we tie for first, beat the team that went to the Rose Bowl and this year we win outright with the best record in the Big ten, no ties and still not assured of going? In fact, in order to go we need to give a team we already beat, a second crack at us and if they win we fall into a tie with them and they get to go? Huh? Who thought this up?

I think the chUMps
must be behind this. What do they even have to do with it? All they did by beating Ohio State, was to assure thier seniors that they will not finish below .500. Well, as SM82 says, "Those who stayed became chUMps"!

Wait, it gets worse. How does that work? If we lose to the team we already beat to fall into a tie with them (while they go to the Rose Bowl), the chUMps go to a BCS bowl and they did not play that other team even once? And we make our standard reservations at the Champs bowl? Are you kidding? This is a bad dream.

Weren't people trying to tell us we were stupid and that we don't even understand sports when we refused to root for chUMps against Nebraska just two weeks ago? Any Spartan who did root for them needs a counceling session with SpartnMan82. Nothing good happens when chUMps win.

I need to.....  wake up.... this can't really be happening can it?......  how does a team actually get to the Rose Bowl? Who thought this up?

Just win! Go to the Rose Bowl and send the chUMps back to the second tier bowls where they belong. I am sick of hearing on the radio, with chUMps calling in, that it is all about them. We need to shut them up - Now!

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  1. Well said. Everyone is giving this game to the Badgers. I say it's time for the D to step up and win this game by stuffing Ball and Wilson and denying the completed pass. Or else bend but not break giving up the 3's and not the 7's. A tall order but this team is special.

    And I don't care where the chUMps play. A BCS bowl only means that they will get beat worse than by the third or fourth place team in the SEC. Expose the chUMps for the fraud season they had. First night game in the Pig House to get a last minute win over ND. And a besieged Buckeye team almost makes it eight in a row also at the Pig House. Let's win and not worry about the talk shows.


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