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Monday, November 7, 2011


The house of cards built by Bo Shambechler came crashing down on this date nine years ago, when University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman described the UM Basketball program as "shameful". She was merely stating the truth that many of us had known for years.

Her words on that historic day:

"We have let down all who believe that the University of Michigan should stand for the best in college athletics. We have disappointed our students, our faculty, our alumni and our fans. This is a day of great shame for the University."

On this date in 2002, the world was informed by the UM President that Michigan Basketball was as crooked as the day is long. Here's a text link:

The Wolverines covert operatives have done a great job white-washing the Internet to eliminate links to the original news stories. YouTube does not show any video clips of the infamous press conference held that day, yet there must be video clips still available.

Here is a link to an ESPN article about the event, with video clips listed on the right sidebar...if anybody can get those video links to appear, please include those links in a comment following this post:

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  1. You Da Man SM82. I will like this and the previous post to facebook for all friends to see. By the way, when is the anniversary of the discovery that chUMp baseball players were received cash payment directly to their locker? 20 - 25 years maybe? Oh, that's too long ago to count - but, they will count all those FB wins over Little Sisters of the Poor during the days of the horse and buggy!


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