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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Question for SPARTY fans

Now that Dick Rod is at Arizona do you want the Wildcat football program to succeed or fail? 


Personally, I want them to turn around their awful program in record time giving the Rod all of the credit.  He is no Michigan man.  Why root against him?  Success as a head coach as bookends around the chUMp stint would just upset Ann Arbor land even more.  The only coach with a losing record at Michigan winning everywhere else he coaches would force people to focus on the awful teams that they during those wonderful years.


As long as the chUMps continue to lose to the Green and White as well as the Scarlet and Gray nothing else really matters.

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  1. For the record, when C-Mann79 sends in a post via a super secret email address it shows as a post by return2glory.

    I will pull for RichRod until we meet him in the Rose Bowl.


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