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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well that was ugly! No, no I mean my last post (too late at night to be Blogging).

The game? It sure wasn't pretty either.

I don't mind winning by small margins. I don't mind winning ugly. Sometimes I think it benefits a team to win by
smaller than expected margins. In this case, it's not just a matter of correcting some errors or learning from coming out "flat". The Spartans are in deep trouble due to their inability to run the football.

When a team cannot run the ball, it limits drives, reduces time of possession, negatively impacts field possession, it gives opponents more offensive plays and it changes crucial game management decisions. Against decent teams, it spells disaster.

Brace yourselves. These games after that four game meat grinder might not turn out as well as we all had hoped.

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  1. Right on that last comment. Wrong for me to think they would have been "ready to play" today.

    The Good News is that Iowa and Northwestern won today, helping us in the standings. The Bad News is that those are our two remaining road games, which brings us back to that last comment again.

  2. At some point, a coach has to determine what his team is good at it is not good at so he can game plan effectively. I think we will need to use the pass to set up the run - contrary to MD's style. The only problem is that if we lead by less the three scores in the fourth, we have to run when the opponent knows were running. We have trouble even when they don't know we are running. I believe we really miss our former OC, Don Treadwell.


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