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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Other Games...

Return to Glory in Nashville this weekend. My son (future Spartan) flew down with me and have enjoyed seeing my bother and sister in-law, but most of all had a special surprise for FloridaSpartan, who just turned 80
and can make chip for birdie. We will be at C-Mann79's house and specially ordered the BTN so we can SPARTY ON in orange and white table cloth county. I already received some "Go Sparty" calls and some chuckles about the dUMp the chUMps button. We bought BTN so we could all hang together see MSU - actually ready to play. At least that is according to SpartanMan82 and the coach of the Gophers. Then it's off to Nashville Spartan's 16th birthday dinner - no adults. We'll see about that.

So since I have this wider view from SEC Country I'd like to break some things down that can generate some conversation. Is there any good that can come out of a chUMp win in Iowa? OK, why are you are on the website? RULE 1: There is never anything good about chUMps winning anything. So let's move to the next game.

Is Northwestern good enough to upset The Huskers in Lincoln? Yes - but not this time.
So, if can we finish with a Spartan win without injury and chUMp lose with or without injury (ok, how-about-a lot of little knick-knack stuff for both teams?) we will still be in good position.  We go to Iowa next, so maybe the camera won't pull away when they catch a dirty chUMp twisting face masks this week.

Most likey of the Top 3 to lose: chUMps
Most likely of the top 3 to win: Spartans
Most likely stunner: Wildcats win

Do we even care what happens in the other division? Id like to hear SpartanDan's Take on that.

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