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Monday, January 30, 2012


He used to wear red on the sideline at Ball State. Now he's known for wearing a red face at a coaches conference. Let's meet Jeff Hecklinski, another true-blue "Michigan Man".

Hecklinski's Wolverine roots date all the way back to his college days at Western Illinois. After not playing for Michigan, he parlayed his football credentials for a sweet gig at Benedictine University. While that was also not Michigan, he only stayed there for one season before leaving for Fort Scott Community College. He stayed there for two years, and some have rumored he may have taken a correspondence course with the U-of-M General Studies department during that time.

His next coaching stop was Central Missouri State, which, you'll have to admit, has one word beginning with the letter "M". Legend has it that Coach Heck liked to use a "block M" in the word Missouri, but it has never been proven. It was after two years at CMS that the Heckster made the key decision that cemented him forever as a "Michigan Man".

He accepted an assistant job at the University of Arizona. And while U-of-A's location is distinctly NOT in the direction of Michigan, college football insiders point to the fact that one of it's school colors IS Blue. This is considered by many to be the key indicator that Heckle was living in a Wolverine dream-world, perhaps since a very young age.

Those same observers acknowledge that the other U-of-A color - - - Red - - - was enough to drive this Weasel-to-be on the road yet again. It was destiny that called him to Ball State, and his tenure there cemented the "Grand Trifecta" of his pre-UM UM Coaching career. In three consecutive stops on the coaching carousel, the afficionado of the Michigan recruiting tradition had worked for schools that had, in order:
  1. The letter "M" at the beginning of a word
  2. The title "University Of" (in this case, Arizona)
  3. The word "Ball" in the name of the school
Psychic experts believe that Heckyl-Jekyl was transmitting ultrasonic vibrations from all three locations to a beacon located approximately 200 feet above the U-of-M Diag. By combining the energies of the title "University Of", the letter "M", and the word "Ball", he was effectively applying for the dream job of his life.

Skeptics will argue that Hecklinski was too busy with each successive job to become a bona fide expert on the Michigan Recruiting Tradition, but Heckelman told Geraldo Rivera on live television that he had a receptor implanted in his brain upon turning 18 that would receive transmissions from that same beacon above the U-of-M Diag. By using the ultrasonic frequencies while sleeping, Coach Blueballs became even more versed in Michigan recruiting than Lloyd Carr. (He said that wasn't so hard to do.)

Then it was off to California to continue his obsession with Michigan recruiting as a coach at San Diego State. Coach Yellowpants says that most Aztec coaches actually joined him in wolverine worship sessions held after midnight on the various beaches near campus. He has been adamant that all of these jobs were merely hobbies, or as he calls them, "diversions", from his real commitment, which he says has always been to Michigan Football.

It was through these many years of devotion to the core principles of Michigan Football recruiting that Jeff Hecklinski has become so well-versed as an expert on the subject. He has been Recruiting Coordinator for Michigan for the past year, or to put it another way, one of the past three years. Or to put it another way, one of the last five years. Also one out of the last 10, 20, and/or 30 years.

So it is hard to understand why Coach Dantonio would have prevented the high school coaches from hearing everything this esteemed expert had to bestow upon them. Imagine all of the stories Hecklinski could share from his year on the job. Why, he would have stories going all the way back to last year.

Coach D Rescues High School Coaches Meeting Hecklinski Hi-jacking

Another Top Flight Receiver - Dantonio Wins Head to Head with chUMps

Below to read the way Joe Rexrode reported it. Note that Aaron Burbridge is the top high school player in Michigan (3rd year in a row top HS player selected MSU). DeAnthony Arnett was a four-star recruit who selected TENN over MSU, chUMps and others, He played as a true freshman - has transferred to State and is expected to be cleared to play under hardship rules... and now Monty Madaris just now selected MSU over some top flight programs and chUMps too. This crop should attract another top flight QB next year...

From Joe...

Cincinnati Moeller wideout Monty Madaris went Facebook to announce his commitment to MSU over the weekend -- a score that gives Mark Dantonio quite a WR  haul in 2012.
    Madaris (who had offers from Florida State, Michigan and Nebraska according to is MSU's 17th verbal, with signing day coming Wednesday. He's the fifth pass catcher arriving in 2012, joining Aaron Burbridge, Kyle Kerrick, Macgarrett Kings Jr. and Tennessee transfer DeAnthony Arnett.
    So, anything else happen last week? Good to be back. Thanks to Denny for bearing the load. Got some new computer system training today. Talk later.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

5 Former chUMp Recruits Land in Non-BCS Homes

So much for highly ranked recruiting classes! The Spartans have yet to "score" higher than chUMps on signing day during the Dantonio era. If you subtract all the players who left either team, for any reason other than injury, and still use the signing day "star" assignments, would the Spartans rank move ahead of chUMps in any year? If not, then the MSU coaching staff's ability to evaluate and develop talent, leadership and teamwork is even better than we thought. I think this re-calculation of annual recruiting rankings would be a good homework assignment for Mark, SpartanMan or SpartanDan...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coach D Rescues Coaches Panel from High-jacking chUMp

I listened to a sports talk-show, "Caputo & Fithian" on Friday while working at my desk. Dennis Fithian (one of the station's chUMps) was absolutely steaming about Mark Dantonio cutting off a chUMps coach who was giving a speech to high school coaches, after "Dantonio already had his turn". He showed us "what we already knew. It was a classless act by a classless coach". Pat Caputo tried to tell him that he needs to get all the facts and circumstances before going off the deep end. The conversion, degraded into the typical arrogance you'd expect.

The chUMp callers all chimed in on the story as described by this talk show host whose only knowledge of it was a report from the Kalamazoo Gazette (and other papers reporting on what the Gazette said published about it). The listeners were completely misled the accounts of what happened. All the descriptions depicted Dantonio and his defenders as classless idiots. Listening, even I was concerned that maybe Dantonio really did screw up on this one. It really sounded as if he had become an "arrogant ass" - I recalled the "pride comes before the fall" prophesy and had this flash thought that maybe it could happen in reverse (quickly dismissed).

Nowhere in the radio conversation was any reference made to the fact that Datonio was the moderator of a panel of coaches, which included the chUMp, or what the topic was supposed to be. There was a reason why he had the extra mic - he was running the show and a chUMp coach high-jacked the session with a chUMp recruiting infomercial! Further evidence that UM is not who they say they are. They have created an image that just does measure up to reality...

The panel session was titled, “Issues Facing High School Football and Recruiting." Dantonio gave an opening speech because he was the moderator. Then according to a high school coach in attendance...


As a high school coach you appreciate the little things that people do to help you. Attending the Michigan High School Football Coaching Clinic in Kalamazoo is a nice way to get new ideas, discuss strategy as a staff, and learn from some of the best. I was sitting in the 9:30am session titled: “Issues Facing High School Football and Recruiting".

This was going to be a panel discussion led by Coach Dantonio, meant to educate coaches, parents and players on the rules and regulations that have to be met to even be eligible to be a college athlete. These rules are constantly changing. Let it be known that I would consider myself more of a Spartan fan, but certainly not a hater of the Wolverines. What transpired in this meeting should speak volumes as to what kind of person Spartan Nation has as a Head Coach in Mark Dantonio.

Coach Dantonio was introduced, takes the stage and mentions how happy he is to be there, and begins his brief opening by talking about coaching and the chance it gives us to impact young people’s lives.

He said, “It’s about building relationships and if you understand that is more important than winning a football game you’ve got a chance.” Coach then takes a seat on the stage. He spent more time talking about his time at Cincinnati then Michigan State.

Then Jeff Hecklinski, wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator for U of M, takes the stage. He immediately apologizes that he is there and not Coach Hoke, as he was in Houston as a nominee for the Bear Bryant award. He says he talked to Coach Hoke this morning and the last thing Hoke said was: “Don’t screw it up.” Folks, he did.

Coach Hecklinski begins to figuratively pat Coach Dantonio on the back with congratulations of a “good” season and a “good” bowl win against Georgia in the…he pauses slightly…Outback Bowl. At this point I look at Dantonio, because I’m already annoyed by this guy and can tell he is being facetious. Dantonio’s entire demeanor changed. He crosses his arms but sits and listens.

Hecklinski now begins a power point presentation on the ins and outs of Michigan recruiting. He is blowing hard about the fact that they are offering sophomores right now, and that they want to win the state of Michigan, and then he lines out their regional approach.

I check my phone to see that 10 minutes have passed with Hecklinski promoting Michigan (not what this was about) I was yawning and Mark Dantonio repeatedly checking his watch and wringing his wrists. At one point Coach Dantonio makes eye contact

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video Update...

Missed the one with Greene and Thornton on game with chUMps in the last post...

If you getting posts via email - go to to view videos:

Rexrode on the Rivalry

From Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal

EAST LANSING - The day before a game with Michigan, Tom Izzo is like

Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Links and R2G's Pix. Video - Greene on Appling

Return2Glory's picks highlighted:

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Year's Bowl Loss Doesn't Hurt So Bad

Well, last night's "mauling", as Brent put it, by Alabama in the BCS Championship Game was most impressive. It made me think about the last bowl game Alabama played against the Spartans a year ago. I knew Sparty had a tough match up with the Crimson Tide but I held out hope. As I saw how dominant their defense was and how their offense sliced up our defense my hope turned to despair and I couldn't even bring myself to watch the second half.

After viewing last night's game against formerly unbeaten LSU I feel that the Spartan team that played New Year's Day in 2010 was better than they appeared. Had Alabama not lost a 21-0 lead against eventually 2010 BCS Champion Auburn, it is highly likely that last night's win would have been Bama's third championship in a row. I felt that when Sparty played them last year the Tide were the best team in the nation but they had that one second half failure that cost them that chance.

Now let's look at the the student/athletes of Alabama. I don't know the names of the players on defense but I believe that last night's effort was better than last year's team. And you can imagine that most who played last night also played a year ago. Now to the offense. Do y'all remember last year's #6 pick in the NFL draft? Julio Jones helped the Atlanta Falcons to the playoffs this year as their #1 wide receiver. His final college game was against Sparty. And then there was a guy named Mark Ingram. His Dad played for MSU but this Ingram won the Heisman Trophy and is currently leading the New Orleans Saints on a road to the Super Bowl. The two leading rushers last night were the leading and third best ground gainers against Sparty last year with Ingram in the middle. The QB last night played a mop up roll last year but still went 6 for 6 against the Green and White.

All this said, I just feel like Sparty played a bowl game last year against one of the best college football dynasties in recent years. MSU was the icing in between two BCS Championship oreo cookies. And let's not forget the coach. Like him or not, Coach Saban did put MSU football on the path to the success we have been achieving in recent years. And possibly the best part of this dynasty is the fact that Alabama's opening game of the 2012 season will be at Cowboy Stadium in Texas against the chUMps handing the puke and blue their first beat down of what will be a long disappointing season for their fans. I can't wait.

C Mann 1979

Monday, January 9, 2012

Rooting for chUMps revisited, Monday Links, chUMps lose corner

Michigan cornerback figures out that "those who stay will become chUMps" - prefers division II over Pig House.

Remember when the media was trying to get Spartan fans to root for chUMps in that second to last week (and even asked Dantonio if he would)? Remember when those of who said NO-WAY where characterized as stupid, shallow, haters?
First, we ended up not needing chUMps to win because the Spartans won out.
Second, chUMps winning led them to get into a BCS game and play a weaker opponent than a handful of teams who did not play a BCS bowl, including the Spartans.
Third, now there is a debate on who should be ranked higher - MSU or the chUMps who played 8 home games including Notre Dame, Nebraska and Ohio State while dodging Wisconsin all together and played a bowl opponent that did  - while MSU played all three of those teams away from home, played the best team in the conference twice and played the SEC runner up in a bowl game? Oh and while MSU manhandled chUMps on the field of play. What would chUMps record have been with MSU's schedule and bowl game? Two more losses? Three more loses? What a joke.

Remember, when SpartanMan82 asked, "Will Bardy Hoke root for MSU?" (and part 2)
CLEARLY, it was stupid to root for chUMps. Hopefully you did not fall for that crap.

Monday Links

ESPN's Rittenberg Picks Spartans to Repeat as Legend Division Champs

From Adam Rittenberg of ESPN's Big Ten Blog:

The Big Ten doesn't have an obvious team to beat in 2012, like Wisconsin in 2011 or Ohio State in 2010.

If I had to pick a favorite at this point, I'd go with Michigan State because of the Spartans talent-stocked defense. But the Legends Division race will be extremely competitive -- undoubtedly the tougher division to win. Ohio State's bowl ban, Wisconsin's player/coach losses and Penn State's transition make the Leaders race nearly impossible to predict. While Wisconsin will be a popular pick, I could see several teams, including a sleeper like Purdue, make a run in 2012.

The full post highlights the top seven contenders in the Big Ten.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spartan Nation Post: How the Athletic Department Works

The reprint from Spartan Nation Magazine and is for SpartanMan82 who thrives on this type of data., but then again, he probably already knows this stuff...

I'm not sure about Hondo's writing skill, but some of the data is interesting.

It is Time For the Michigan State Administration to Get off the Back of Mark Hollis and MSU Athletics
Under Hollis MSU athletics has become elite. As long as he wins and makes money the administration should LEAVE HIM ALONE. Photo courtesy of Bill Markletvits.

The Spartan Nation has long been a proud fan base knowing that the MSU athletics are 100% self-sufficient. They get absolutely zero tax dollars or revenue from Michigan State University. They are a stand-alone entity. That is something to be very proud of. It is something that is rare in college athletics.

Most colleges or universities have to “prop up” their athletic programs. Michigan State University is the rare exception. What makes this even more astounding is that they get no financial help from the university. The university is never shy when it comes to finances.

Joe Rexrode Looks Ahead. The Building Blocks Dantonio Defined. Sunday Links...

Hey Joe!
Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal takes a shot at next year's starting line-up. Heavy strengths will be O-line, running back, defensive ends and corners - all should be among the best position groups in the Big Ten. Also check out out the eligibility year of the defensive players. The Spartans will have a senior laden defense in 2013 (unless younger guys prove even better) which is a year MSU will have a 5th-year senior QB and no Ohio State, Wisconsin or Penn State on the schedule. We could see a return to the Big-Ten Championship game in 2013 if the Spartans miss next year. Click here for the full post.
Also check out Joe's 10 most memorable moments/developments of the 2011 football season.

The Little Brother Blog has had some good content (even though if find the name of the blog baffling).
In their latest post, the author reflects back on five principles Dantonio said he would use to build a successful program at Michigan State. He then dissects how the Spartans have done against those benchmarks.

1. “I think they’re the cornerstones of who we are as a program, what we’ll try to develop, what I try and develop every day. … I want them first to be good people and make good choices, to be morally correct...
2. “Second thing is I want our family to be together. … It’s important that our players’ families come together, they know me, our coaches personally...
3. “We need to get bigger, stronger, faster to get to where we want to go. We need to be coached at the highest level...
4. “The next thing I want our players to do is to graduate...
5. “The last thing we want to do, probably the most important to a lot of people who are here. I wear this championship ring very, very few times, but I wear it for a reason. I wear it to symbolize what can happen when you have the resources, when you have the players, and most importantly when you have the commitment. … It happens because of a commitment from the players, a belief in values, a belief in themselves. Once you start doing it, it continues. I believe that that can happen here. I truly believe that or I would not have come.” I highly recommend the full post.

Sunday Links:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday and Saturday Media Links

Edwin Baker Gone...

Welcome Nick Hill...

From M-Live:
Why Edwin Baker's decision to leave Michigan State for the NFL, for him, was the right call
Published: Saturday, January 07, 2012, 9:00 AM Updated: Saturday, January 07, 2012, 9:14 AM
By Graham Couch |

View full sizeAP Photo
Edwin Baker (4) sings the Michigan State fight song with his teammates after Monday's 33-30 overtime win over Georgia in the Outback Bowl. It turns out it was Bakers final game as a Spartan.

Michigan State's Edwin Baker expected to leave for the NFL after this season — any junior running back who publicly sets his sights on a 2,000-yard season isn't thinking about his senior year.

Baker didn't expect to become a Le'Veon Bell's wing man and carry the ball only 170 times for 665 yards. Not after an All-Big Ten sophomore season in which he rushed for 1,201 yards. Not after spring ball, when he proudly said,"I want to gain 2,000 yards and score 20 touchdowns." And not at the beginning of August camp, when he reaffirmed those goals.

Friday, Baker ignored his junior season and kept himself on the track he'd intended to ride all along. The 5-foot-9, 210-pound Highland Park producttold Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio Friday that he'll enter the NFL draft.

"I just feel I'm ready," Baker told the Associated Press.

"I'm healthy now and I don't want to get injured my senior year," Baker continued. "And I could come back and have a worse year."

He's right on all three accounts.

Whether he's ready or not, the NFL will quickly determine. But he's as ready as he'll ever be. Running back isn't a position like quarterback or offensive line, where another year would bring with it greater physical maturity and a better understanding of the game. Just more hits. And, in Baker's case, barring injury to Bell, probably not all that many more yards, meaning his NFL stock might be about has high as it'll get, wherever that is.

For a can-miss prospect like Baker, an injury would ruin any chance he has.

Baker wasn't facing a Sedrick Irvin scenario, where he was a strong season away from breaking Lorenzo White's rushing records and forever being remembered as a Spartan legend.

It's not that Baker couldn't become a better back with another year at Michigan State. He absolutely could. But it's clear his heart is no longer in college football. A senior year wasn't part of the plan. Never was. So, proceed with the plan.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rising Star in chUMpsville ~ Narduzzi, Athletic Department, Hollis, $$$

(Sorry about the repeat email/post - I edited the original post and accidentally saved it as a draft - when I re-post it, the system think it s a new post and resend it to everyone who receives posts via email)

Darryl Stonum 

Well, those who threw stones from their glass houses now have broke windows. This is a pitiful account of one the chUMps rising stars. No further comment necessary for me

Excepts from ESPN' big Ten Blog By Adam Rittenberg:
Stonum, who received two years' probation following a drunken-driving arrest in May, was stopped Thursday by police for driving on a revoked license while en route to a probation meeting. He then lied to his probation officer about how he arrived for the meeting...

This is the same player who served three days in jail in summer 2010 for probation violations stemming from a drunken-driving arrest he had as a Wolverines freshman in 2008...

Hoke... ...said he's not concerned about Stonum's decision-making.

Judge Charles Pope spelled it out pretty clearly for Stonum on Friday, admonishing Stonum for his behavior pattern and particularly for lying to his probation officer.

"To have somebody with four encounters with the criminal justice system involving the use and abuse of alcohol at the age of 21 is extremely unusual..."
Full Post

Narduzzi, Athletic Department and Hollis:

I found an excellent, info packed blog post at Little Brother (I still don't get the name of the BLOG) related to Narduzzi, The athletic Department and how MSU stacks up to other schools...

Here are bits and pieces... (or see the full post here)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a bit of a sticky situation on our hands here.

Reports have surfaced saying Pat Narduzzi was in College Station, Tex., interviewing for the defensive coordinator position at Texas A&M on Thursday...

...if Narduzzi looks at leaving to take the same position at another school, well, that is just plain embarrassing and unacceptable on the part of Michigan State.

...Narduzzi currently makes $235,000 as the DC on Mark Dantonio’s staff at Michigan State. Texas A&M reportedly will offer $600,000 but might go as high as $750 to 800K. If this is the case, gulp, we might be in trouble.
...Michigan State is 44-22 under Dantonio and with Narduzzi leading the defense. Every single thing this team has accomplished he has been a part of. A Big Ten championship, a Legends Division championship, and a 22-5 record (14-2 Big Ten) in the past two seasons.

Yet in 2011, five head coaches made more than the entire Michigan State coaching staff combined ($3,597,050) — including Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz (who is making out like a bandit at $3,785,000).

...The Michigan State athletic department is entirely self-sufficient and receives no state or university funds (in other words, it doesn’t receive any of a student’s tuition), so it relies on private funding (i.e. The Spartan Fund) and revenue it generates from things such as ticket sales.

The football program brought in $45,040,778 in 2010-11, according to this report from (Check out the chart, it’s quite interesting). Of that revenue, 38.68 percent was invested back into the program and the rest was allocated elsewhere to help fund other sports and the athletic department.

...Turns out, athletic director Mark Hollis is the lowest-paid Big Ten AD in base salary, according to this report from the Chicago Tribune and a little digging of my own... He is the marketing genius responsible for the Carrier Classic — which other school’s are picking up as well moving forward, the Cold War hockey game in 2001 at the Big House, and Basketbowl at Ford Field in 2003 against Kentucky.

Oh, and he sticks up for his guys. Check out this piece on how he went to bat for Dantonio, Narduzzi and Will Gholston in the week following the Michigan game this season.
Full Post

Thursday, January 5, 2012

MSU 60 - chUMps 55, Former 4-star to State, Narduzzi Interviewing at T-A&M, and Links Galore

During down time and while I'm working so many hours at my "real job", I'll post links from the resource center so those of you who have signed up for the free email posts will have easy access to your Spartan fix.
Each headline should show as a link in your email. If your email does not display headlines as links, just click on the site link at the bottom of the emailed post.

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A Worthy decision - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Feeling chatty? - Thursday, January 05, 2012
The Arnett effect - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Glow time - Wednesday, January 04, 2012
'Sometimes, payback is payback' - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

As 1st Reported by Spartan Nation: Saginaw Native WR DeAnthony Arnett (Tennessee Transfer) is a Spartan - Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Great Recap of Outback Bowl: SENIORS WILL SPARTANS TO 3 OT BOWL VICTORY! - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

MSU All-American Jerel Worthy makes it official: He's leaving for the NFL - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Win over Wisconsin tested Tom Izzo, Michigan State players - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Freshman Jasmine Hines leads Michigan State past Michigan - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Tennessee transfer WR DeAnthony Arnett chooses Michigan State - Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Michigan State gets monkey off its back with historic victory in Wisconsin - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

MSU's Worthy leaving for the NFL - Thursday, January 05, 2012
MSU women's basketball: Spartans still rule rivalry - Thursday, January 05, 2012
MSU football: Arnett will transfer to MSU - Thursday, January 05, 2012

MSU men's basketball: Appling's effort lost amid drama - Thursday, January 05, 2012

MSU All-American Jerel Worthy makes it official: He's leaving for the NFL - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Win over Wisconsin tested Tom Izzo, Michigan State players - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Freshman Jasmine Hines leads Michigan State past Michigan - Thursday, January 05, 2012
Tennessee transfer WR DeAnthony Arnett chooses Michigan State - Wednesday, January 04, 2012
Michigan State gets monkey off its back with historic victory in Wisconsin - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This the kind of post I'll enter regularly - someday! Read all the stuff, summarize and link to the best. In absence of daily posts, you can go to the of the for the link - updated real time.

Here's M-live's version:

Michigan State Spartans Links: 10 years in the making

Published: Tuesday, January 03, 2012, 10:22 AM     Updated: Tuesday, January 03, 2012, 11:00 AM
denicos-allen-02.jpgMichigan State's Denicos Allen sacks Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray during the first half of the Outback Bowl.
  • In so many ways, Monday's triple-overtime Outback Bowl win was typical MSU: falling behind big early, coming back but throwing an interception in overtime and on the brink of collapse. But then it was typical Mark Dantonio MSU: Fighting through everything and making the big play in the final moments for the win. After being labeled a sleeping giant for years, Dantonio finally has MSU at the level it should be — competing with anyone in the country. A win over Georgia cemeted Dantonio's stamp. [DetNews]
  • When William Gholston's commitment to MSU as a recruit was questioned, Dantonio had faith in him. When Gholston was suspended for punching a Michigan player, Dantonio had faith in him, knowing that play didn't define him. Gholston rewarded his head coach with five tackles for loss, two sacks and a fumble recovery in the win over Georgia. [Freep]
  • MSU was the only Big Ten school able to hold its own on Monday, and they did it against a top-level SEC team. MSU's defense proved it could stop Big Ten teams this year, but against that world-famous SEC speed, and the biggest offensive line in the nation, MSU's defenseproved it could play with anyone[ESPN]
  • Georgia-native Darqueze Dennard certainly had a first half to forget against the Bulldogs, as he was picked on and beat deep several times. But the sophomore responded in the second half with two interceptions, the first of which led to a touchdown and the second of which he returned for a touchdown. [Freep]
  • For all that Kirk Cousins had done in his time at MSU, it seemed like he could never really get over the hump and win on the big stage. But in his final game, he got one of the most thrilling, and most rewarding, wins of his memorable career. When it was over, Cousins wanted to soak it all in[LSJ]
  • It's not all football, as the men's basketball team has a chance to pick up a huge road win tonight. But the Kohl Center in Wisconsin is a house of horrors for MSU — as well as most opponents. MSU's 13-game winning streak will be put to the test. For everything Izzo has accomplished, he has never beaten Bo Ryan on the road. Tonight, he gets another chance.[Freep]
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Monday, January 2, 2012

Outback Bowl Stats

What a game! One down and One to go. Go Hokies!

Hidden in all the great plays, is Nick Hill's kick returns...

Outback Bowl

Scoring Summary
First QuarterMSUUGa
UGaSF12:07Brandon Boykin safety02
Second QuarterMSUUGa
UGaTD3:06Tavarres King 80 yd pass from Aaron Murray (Blair Walsh kick)09
UGaTD1:39Brandon Boykin 92 yd punt return (Blair Walsh kick)016
Third QuarterMSUUGa
MSUTD7:52Le'Veon Bell 8 yd run (Brian Linthicum 2pt pass from Kirk Cousins)816
MSUTD1:47Darqueze Dennard 38 yd interception return (failed 2pt pass)1416
Fourth QuarterMSUUGa
UGaFG9:58Blair Walsh 32 yd FG1419
MSUTD8:22Keith Nichol 7 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (failed 2pt pass)2019
UGaTD6:44Brandon Boykin 13 yd pass from Aaron Murray (Malcolm Mitchell 2pt pass from Aaron Murray)2027
MSUTD0:14Le'Veon Bell 1 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)2727
UGaFG Blair Walsh 47 yd FG2730
MSUFG Dan Conroy 35 yd FG3030
MSUFG Dan Conroy 28 yd FG3330
Team Stats
 Michigan StateGeorgia
First downs1515
3rd Down Efficiency6-20, 30%6-18, 33%
4th down efficiency0-0, -%0-1, 0%
Passing Yards318288
Return Yards133241
Sacks-Yards Lost1--64--16
Fumbles Lost0-01-1
Penalties - Yards8-505-15
Time of Possession28:2631:34
Michigan State Passing
K. Cousins275030013
K. Martin111800
Georgia Passing
A. Murray203228822
Michigan State Rushing
L. Bell17482.82
K. Cousins4235.80
E. Baker6101.70
K. Martin2-8-4.00
Georgia Rushing
K. Malcome12514.30
B. Boykin284.00
I. Crowell331.00
B. Smith231.50
R. Samuel900.00
C. Thomas200.00
A. Murray8-13-1.60
Michigan State Receiving
B. Linthicum711516.40
B. Cunningham7669.40
K. Nichol45313.31
L. Bell5397.80
K. Martin4358.80
T. Anderson11010.00
Georgia Receiving
T. King620534.21
M. Mitchell7517.30
B. Boykin11313.01
K. Malcome166.00
M. Brown166.00
I. Crowell144.00
M. Bennett144.00
O. Charles122.00
A. Murray1-3-3.00
Michigan State Interceptions
D. Dennard238
Georgia Interceptions
S. Williams145
B. Rambo18
J. Jenkins12
Michigan State Punting
M. Sadler840150.1
Georgia Punting
D. Butler730643.7
Michigan State Punt Returns
K. Martin231.5
Georgia Punt Returns
B. Boykin19292.0
Michigan State Kick Returns
N. Hill26130.5
L. Caper11717.0
K. Martin11515.0
N. Palazeti1-1-1.0
Georgia Kick Returns
B. Boykin47017.5
S. Commings11313.0
A. Ogletree11111.0
Michigan State Missed FG
Georgia Missed FG
B. Walsh42
B. Walsh47
Attendance: 49,429
w1© 2012 by STATS LLC.