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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joe Rexrode Looks Ahead. The Building Blocks Dantonio Defined. Sunday Links...

Hey Joe!
Joe Rexrode of the Lansing State Journal takes a shot at next year's starting line-up. Heavy strengths will be O-line, running back, defensive ends and corners - all should be among the best position groups in the Big Ten. Also check out out the eligibility year of the defensive players. The Spartans will have a senior laden defense in 2013 (unless younger guys prove even better) which is a year MSU will have a 5th-year senior QB and no Ohio State, Wisconsin or Penn State on the schedule. We could see a return to the Big-Ten Championship game in 2013 if the Spartans miss next year. Click here for the full post.
Also check out Joe's 10 most memorable moments/developments of the 2011 football season.

The Little Brother Blog has had some good content (even though if find the name of the blog baffling).
In their latest post, the author reflects back on five principles Dantonio said he would use to build a successful program at Michigan State. He then dissects how the Spartans have done against those benchmarks.

1. “I think they’re the cornerstones of who we are as a program, what we’ll try to develop, what I try and develop every day. … I want them first to be good people and make good choices, to be morally correct...
2. “Second thing is I want our family to be together. … It’s important that our players’ families come together, they know me, our coaches personally...
3. “We need to get bigger, stronger, faster to get to where we want to go. We need to be coached at the highest level...
4. “The next thing I want our players to do is to graduate...
5. “The last thing we want to do, probably the most important to a lot of people who are here. I wear this championship ring very, very few times, but I wear it for a reason. I wear it to symbolize what can happen when you have the resources, when you have the players, and most importantly when you have the commitment. … It happens because of a commitment from the players, a belief in values, a belief in themselves. Once you start doing it, it continues. I believe that that can happen here. I truly believe that or I would not have come.” I highly recommend the full post.

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