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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


We are sorry to report that SpartanMan82, the “Lead Author” on this web site, has left his job here to STAND & FIGHT the neo-Nazi fascist movement that is in the process of taking over the American White House. SM82 released the following statement to explain his change of course: 

"For the past several years, we on this web site have portrayed the stupid fans of the University of Michigan as our main “problem” in life. We have mocked them for their stupidity and their loose affiliation with factual information and truth. We have jeered at them for their hypocritical positions regarding their teams and players. The “chumps” we poked fun at certainly earned our criticism.

"Our major work on this web site was done during the Golden Era of Obama, those wonderful eight years during which the country settled down from a wartime economy to a more stable, slow-growth phase of incremental social and economic progress. It was easy to work on this web site when things were going so well for this country.

"But now, our nation has chosen to turn its attention back to warfare, and this time the government will be turning its guns against its own people. In that context, it’s difficult to justify the time and energy required to poke fun at people who may actually be more American than some folks who like to wear green and white.

"There is a much bigger problem, a truly dangerous enemy to all Americans, and he is putting together his political hit-squad in the White House. The Trump Administration is the most dangerous entity on the planet Earth, far more threatening than ISIS or any international terrorist group.

"Trump is contracting with the Ku Klux Klan - - - the original American Terrorist group - - - to build a culture of racism in the United States, hiring neo-Nazi representatives to be paid by tax dollars to wreak havoc across our land. Anybody who voted for him is much worse than a “chump”; they are an enemy of America.

"So I offer to stand side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, with any Wolverine, alumni or fan, who will stand and fight against Trumpism. Any Spartan who voted for Trump is surely a Chump."

SpartanMan82 is now working on a web site called “Dump The Trumps”.  He retains ownership rights to all content he previously produced for this web site. He supports the Spartans, as he always has, but he recognizes that college sports rivalries are relatively childish in comparison to the massive dark threat against humanity posed by Trumpism. He urges those who still want to waste time on pointless sports rivalries to “fricking grow up and get real”.


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