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Sunday, November 27, 2016


SpartanMan82 says "thanks" to those who have said farewell to him on this web site. But he has another observation to make:


Watching the Jim Harbaugh rant after losing to Ohio State pointed out the similarities between the Michigan football coach and the presumed-president-elect, Don-the-Con Trump. You could transpose the two in many situations and get the same outcome.

How does Harbaugh resemble Trump? Let me count the ways:

Both "Daddy's Boys" - They were both groomed by their fathers to take over the family business. In the case of trUMp, it was literally, the family business. For Harbaugh, it was the family profession. They were expected to be like their Daddy was, and they have followed through on that. 
Both like to mouth off - Neither the chUMp nor the trUMp can avoid jaw-jacking opportunities, especially if the lip-flapping picks on others. You will not hear these guys waxing philosophically on the issues facing Americans, or spiritual questions, or solutions to vexing questions. These dudes like to pick on others, plain and simple. If it's not Muslims, it's Referees.
Both see themselves as the center of the known universe - The Orange chUMp thinks that no rules apply to him, no matter how many of his predecessors had to follow them. The Blue chUMp thinks that no rules apply to him or his school, no matter how many other coaches and schools have had to follow them.
Both enjoy socializing with teenage girls - Harbaugh likes to send notes to high school girls, ostensibly as a recruiting tool. Trump likes to rape teenage girls, just because he can. 
Both are very good at what they do - Harbaugh is a great football coach. Trump is a fantastically gifted LIAR.

For as many commonalities as these failed-abortions share, there is one striking difference, and the gap between the two in this dimension is enormous:

Jim Harbaugh is a very intelligent person.
Boyishly immature, he still commands a powerful intellect.

Donald Trump has the intelligence of a ground squirrel.
He communicates on a fourth-grade level, and
his command of any subject is limited to
whatever he heard in the last ten seconds. 

Trump repeats himself uncontrollably, often stating
the same thing three times (or more) in less than a minute. 
He is the anti-intellectual, verbally pissing on 
the academic work of thousands on a regular basis,
merely on the grounds that any challenging body of
academic information is way over his puny head.

So yes, they are basically the "same person", with the exception that Herr Gropenfuhrer has walnuts for brains. Given a chance, each of these chUMps will work ceaselessly to makeover the world in their own image, forcing everybody in their domain to comply with their selfish will.

In the case of Harbaugh, no big risk, it's only Michigan Football. In the case of Doctor Drumpf, it's a huge risk to the entire world, and every American must stand ready to fight against this Monster at every opportunity.


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