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Monday, November 28, 2011


Now that the Weasels have pulled off their miracle season, speculation is rampant that they will "leapfrog" MSU and be invited to play in one of the Basically Corrupt System (BCS) bowl games. This latest preemptive rumor is based on the assumption that MSU will lose to Wisconsin on Saturday.

Isn't that the way all of these innuendos begin? They all start with the premise that something will go wrong for Michigan State, and finish with how something will go right for Michigan. And they always come up before anything has happened. That way, whatever actually happens can make people forget the specious rumor in case it doesn't turn out to be true.

For example, consider the pregame slams against MSU two weeks ago. It was strongly suggested that Spartan fans should root for UM against Nebraska, when the only possible way it would help MSU for UM to win that game is if MSU lost another game. In other words, the story began with the idea that MSU was certainly going to fail.

In this case, many are assuming that UM will get to a "better bowl" before MSU has even played in the conference championship. People are discussing it as if it's already REAL.

But what does Brady Hoke think about it? After all, should his team get into a "better bowl", they will certainly face a "better team" that will be more likely to start his post-season career at Michigan just like his idol, Blow ScUMbuckler. (The Old Blowhard lost his first seven bowl games, which is what he meant by being a "champion".)

Should Michigan be selected for a "better bowl", for any reason, they will more likely get their cleats handed to them before a larger audience than if they face a more evenly-matched opponent. So Brady Hoke would stand to benefit from playing a lower-ranked team, as he would then be more likely to actually win a game in the post-season, rather than finishing with the normal wolverine whimper. That's what they mean by "The Michigan Difference".

Perhaps the sports media should be asking Brady Hoke if he would rather win or lose in his first bowl game, and if he wants to win, they should ask him if he will be rooting for MSU against Wisconsin. They should ask him if he wants to follow in the footsteps of the Michigan Legend.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spartans Clinch Rose Bowl Appearance...

...if you use the rules in place since the BIG10 conference was established eons ago. The Spartans finish with the best record in the Big Ten - On to Southern California to play in the Grand Daddy of them all!

Oh. Wait. It doesn't work that way anymore? So last year we tie for first, beat the team that went to the Rose Bowl and this year we win outright with the best record in the Big ten, no ties and still not assured of going? In fact, in order to go we need to give a team we already beat, a second crack at us and if they win we fall into a tie with them and they get to go? Huh? Who thought this up?

I think the chUMps

Thursday, November 24, 2011

MSU is taking steps to support foundation Dantonio is building

Assistant Pay: Under-reported step forward.

Coaching staff continuity has been part of the success formula for Mark Dantonio and the Spartans. Through the first 3-years the staff did not experience a single defection. In fact, the entire staff was together at Cincinnati prior to moving to East Lansing with Dan Enos being a valuable transition figure. Enos was the lone staff John L. Smith member retained by Dantonio; he coached under Dantanio at Cincinnati prior to coming to MSU. That stability and the deep working relationships on the

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re-visit: Should Spartans Root for chUMps?

If the chUMps win Saturday and MSU loses the Big ten Championship game and win at NW, they would three loses. chUMps would have two losses and go to BCS game while we go to the same old bowl. So remind me again why we were supposed to root for chUMps last Saturday? Spartans NEVER have a reason to root for chUMps. This scenario is case and point. If MSU needs a chUMp win to accomplish something - go rake leaves. Just don't watch. NEVER put yourself in position to want anything good for little chUMpsters and actually cheer for it. What's bad for them is good for us. In the extremely rare case that the rule doesn't hold true - just ignore them!

Question for SPARTY fans

Now that Dick Rod is at Arizona do you want the Wildcat football program to succeed or fail? 


Personally, I want them to turn around their awful program in record time giving the Rod all of the credit.  He is no Michigan man.  Why root against him?  Success as a head coach as bookends around the chUMp stint would just upset Ann Arbor land even more.  The only coach with a losing record at Michigan winning everywhere else he coaches would force people to focus on the awful teams that they during those wonderful years.


As long as the chUMps continue to lose to the Green and White as well as the Scarlet and Gray nothing else really matters.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MSU Game Stats... Will Play Winner of Penn State at Wisconsin


Scoring Summary
First QuarterIndMSU
MSUFG10:07Dan Conroy 21 yd FG03
MSUTD6:24B.J. Cunningham 63 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dan Conroy kick)010
MSUTD2:09Keshawn Martin 47 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dan Conroy kick)017
Second QuarterIndMSU
IndFG10:44Mitch Ewald 22 yd FG317
MSUTD10:06Keshawn Martin 19 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)324
MSUTD5:17Edwin Baker 10 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)331
MSUFG0:48Dan Conroy 33 yd FG334
Third QuarterIndMSU
MSUTD11:35B.J. Cunningham 7 yd pass from Kirk Cousins (Dan Conroy kick)341
MSUTD7:37Johnny Adams 86 yd interception return (Dan Conroy kick)348
Fourth QuarterIndMSU
MSUTD14:28Edwin Baker 3 yd run (Dan Conroy kick)355
Team Stats
 IndianaMichigan State
First downs1222
3rd Down Efficiency3-15, 20%6-12, 50%
4th down efficiency0-2, 0%0-1, 0%
Passing Yards142296
Return Yards196222
Sacks-Yards Lost3--240-0
Fumbles Lost0-00-0
Penalties - Yards8-755-45
Time of Possession29:5630:04
Indiana Passing
T. Roberson10239202
E. Wright-Baker595000
Michigan State Passing
K. Cousins162327230
A. Maxwell472200
P. Badovinac11200
Indiana Rushing
S. Houston13403.10
K. Hughes3175.70
T. Roberson10121.20
D. Roberts5112.20
M. Perez263.00
N. Stoner166.00
D. Blackwell155.00
D. Muhammad122.00
E. Wright-Baker1-5-5.00
Michigan State Rushing
L. Bell9687.60
E. Baker10343.42
N. Hill5306.00
K. Martin11919.01
L. Caper5163.20
A. Maxwell144.00
J. Foreman133.00
T. Anderson111.00
Indiana Receiving
D. Muhammad9738.10
K. Hughes22713.50
S. Houston22613.00
S. Wynn11111.00
M. Perez155.00
Michigan State Receiving
B. Cunningham613222.02
K. Martin89912.41
L. Bell12323.00
G. Celek12121.00
B. Linthicum2126.00
K. Nichol144.00
B. Sonntag133.00
N. Palazeti122.00
Indiana Interceptions
Michigan State Interceptions
J. Adams186
D. Drone10
Indiana Punting
A. Pines936840.9
Michigan State Punting
K. Selden314247.3
Indiana Punt Returns
Michigan State Punt Returns
K. Martin56412.8
Indiana Kick Returns
N. Stoner47719.3
S. Wynn39331.0
K. Mullen12626.0
Michigan State Kick Returns
N. Hill16767.0
T. Hammock155.0
Indiana Missed FG
Michigan State Missed FG
Attendance: 74,128
w1© 2011 by STATS LLC.