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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Buckeye Rumor From a "Reliable Source"

I received this earlier today and thought it would be worth a post to see if it comes to fruition.  I don’t think the Buckeyes will need help to beat the chUMps again but it may give an extra emotional lift to the Buckeyes to bury them even worse.  This was sent directly from a buddy of mine who lives in Dublin, Ohio just outside of the Columbus city limits.  One of the responses was very clever since part of the rumor is that the NCAA will ban OSU from any bowls and their poor record this year stated, “Damn, no Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowl”.  J

“May or may not be accurate, but pretty reliable (the source).   This isn't a forward...this is something I actually discussed with him directly:

Just spoke to a close friend who knows one of the largest donors of Ohio State alumni and the kicker endowment donor.   He said according to him and a close ESPN friend, watch for Urban Meyer to be announced as the new OSU coach starting in 2012 (Luke to finish out and be retained on Defense with Mike V) on TUESDAY NIGHT at the OSU v Florida Nationally televised game.  This is being done now to rally the team to win last 2 games.   Also, they're supposedly handing down a one year (this yr) post season bowl ban.  However, next year is the start of all new stuff.  They want to have recruits reconsider OSU. 

Just sharing the news.”  


C Mann 1979



  1. Congrats C-Mann79. You are the first author to post via the e-mail to post e-address. It looks like it worked! Good tip on Ohio State too! Thanks.

  2. Didn't you say he bought a house in Columbus?

  3. Another rumor that I'm sure would be talked about more in the event that it actually happened.


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