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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re-visit: Should Spartans Root for chUMps?

If the chUMps win Saturday and MSU loses the Big ten Championship game and win at NW, they would three loses. chUMps would have two losses and go to BCS game while we go to the same old bowl. So remind me again why we were supposed to root for chUMps last Saturday? Spartans NEVER have a reason to root for chUMps. This scenario is case and point. If MSU needs a chUMp win to accomplish something - go rake leaves. Just don't watch. NEVER put yourself in position to want anything good for little chUMpsters and actually cheer for it. What's bad for them is good for us. In the extremely rare case that the rule doesn't hold true - just ignore them!


  1. Who in their right mind said anything about rooting against the Buckeyes in this rivalry. Ever. Especially this Saturday when they are more than a touchdown underdog. That would make a win in the Pig House even sweeter!

  2. Last week before MSU clinched the local media and the broadcasters of the MSU kept referring to Spartans rooting for chUMPs. They even asked Dantonio and then made a big deal when he declined to root for chUMps. SM82 wrote an excellent response title, "Will Brady Hoke root for Spartans?"

  3. I was in Spartan Stadium for the whole game last Saturday while scores of the Nebraska game were shown on the scoreboard and video screen. The reaction from the crowd was somewhat different than was a mixed response, with less booing and a little bit of cheering, but with neither as the dominant response.

    My guess is that without the mainstream media attack against Spartans with the ridiculous questions about rooting for the Enemy, those same scoring updates would have drawn the normal response.

    Now that the media got what they wanted, it should be clear (as this post says) that it wasn't really good at all for Spartans to root for chUMps. Everybody can see it now, but many were smoke-screened again by the perpetual love affair between the media and UM.

    All that said, it's been great to watch Brutus slam down on the Weasels, but that streak may be about to end.


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