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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4-Star Recruit/Freshman Linebacker dUMps the chUMps

Linebacker recruit Kellen Jones no longer enrolled at Michigan

Angelique S. Chengelis/ The Detroit News

Last Updated: July 25. 2011 8:07PM
The Michigan football roster has been released and there are some noticeable absences.
Incoming freshman linebacker Kellen Jones from Houston and returning offensive lineman Christian Pace are not on the roster.
Meanwhile, senior receiver Darryl Stonum, who had been indefinitely suspended from the team by coach Brady Hoke, is on the roster.
The 6-foot-1, 208-pound Jones is rated the No. 12 middle linebacker in the nation by and the No. 29 inside linebacker by
"He is no longer enrolled at the University of Michigan," a U-M football team official said Monday.
Pace, the U-M spokesman said, has a medical issue and is no longer on the team.
Stonum pleaded guilty last month in 15th District Court in Ann Arbor to operating a vehicle while visibly impaired. He was charged with operating a vehicle while visibly impaired in 2008 during his freshman year.

From The Detroit News:

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guess who REALLY was first with winged helmets..,

More evidence making MSU the Big Brother:

Who was the first college football team to wear the winged helmet that the Michigan Wolverines have made so famous?

The popular story is that it was Princeton, then Michigan that first wore winged helmets. This is false. Michigan State had a winged helmet first. The thing is, Michigan State wore gold and black for a 14 year period, a fact that has been pretty much forgotten. And during this time, which was 1933 to 1946, Michigan State wore a series of winged helmet designs. The Michigan State winged helmet came two years before Princeton’s winged helmet, and 5 years before the Michigan Wolverines’ winged helmet. [Note: Michigan State was an independent during this time period, and were not invited to join the "Big Nine" conference until 1948, and by that time they were back in green and white gear and no longer sporting winged helmets.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Another video tease for this football season...

Thanks again to Spartan Dan...

New Spartan Football & Sports Links Added to Resource Center

Thanks to SpartanDan for sending in the recommendation for the ESPN Spartan feed. We had the Blog, but not the news feed. We also added feeds from The State News and  Spartan Tailgate 24/7. Link to all things Spartan are at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recruiting and Recruiting Chatter

The kind of comments in this MLive article are examples of what we would like to have on this site. We should send Spartanman82 into the fray!

Report: Michigan State football receives verbal commitment from Florida's MacGarrett Kings Jr.

Published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 10:45 AM     Updated: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 11:06 AM
macgarrett-kings-jr-mug.JPGMacGarrett Kings Jr.
EAST LANSING -- is reporting MacGarrett Kings Jr., a running back/slot receiver from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has verbally committed to the Michigan State football program as part of the 2012 class.

Kings, 5-foot-11, 180 pounds, is ranked by and as a three-star recruit. lists him as a running back, though he told Michigan State plans to play him at slot receiver and sees him as a "Keshawn Martin type player."

Kings reportedly selected the Spartans over Louisville, West Virginia and Wisconsin after taking part in a MSU workout camp on Monday in East Lansing.

Kings, who scored 30 touchdowns in his junior season of high school, would give the Spartans 11 verbal commitments.

Conflicting reports are on recruiting websites with some reporting he wants to commit to the Spartans, but planned to return home and discuss it with his parents first.

If Kings joins the Spartans it would make consecutive years where the Spartans reached into Florida for receiving help. Juwan Caesar is part of the 2011 class.
Kings would also be the second receiver on the 2012 commitment list. Kyle Kerrick of Coatesville, Pa., previously said he planned to be a Spartan.
Michigan State will graduate three senior wide receivers after this season -- B.J. Cunningham, Martin and Keith Nichol.
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ncspartan July 13, 2011 at 11:34AM
um. frist?
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ATownAndDown July 13, 2011 at 11:35AM
Next up... Gunner Kiel. Hahahaha. A guy can dream right.
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map444 July 13, 2011 at 11:42AM
Dream? Gunners not a 3 star so no way. Funny how Tressel Disciple Dan-O is having a tough time recruiting this year. I wonder if he had to change some things when troubles hit OSU. hmmm...
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ATownAndDown July 13, 2011 at 12:31PM
What is your exact definition of "a tough time recruiting"? Is it the number of commits becuase last time I checked he has 11 and that is more than this time last year and the year before that at the same time. Oh but he did have more the year before those two but 3 of them were two star guys which he has none of this year.
Maybe its inability to recruit on a national stage. Wait of his 11 commits 9 are from out of state including 2 from the heart of SEC country.
I know you are thinking about his struggles to get guys that are skill position players. No that can't be it because he has 5 skill guys already.
I think I got it map, you are talking about how he isn't pulling in top 200 guys, right? But then again, has he ever been that kind of recruiter. Generally he only pulls one or two top recruits and he already has one this year in Pittman. And MSU is still be considered by a ton of top guys.
So I guess I am left scratching my head on how you define that Dantonio has had such a hard time. The fact is the guys that are being termed as the top of the line recruits right now are guys that had good seasons last year or have performed well at 7-on-7 camps. They are not guys that are not the recruits that had great senior years because they haven't had those yet. You should also take notice that a lot of the commits MSU is getting are guys that attended camps at MSU. Meaning the coaches get to see them perform side-by-side with other recruits. Seems like they are getting a good look at these guys before they commit (at least better than some grainy home video highlight reel).
Dantonio has proven that he is going to get the guys he wants to put into his system. You seem to be knocking 3 star recruits... If you want to read back through some of the other previous articles you can see the laundry list of 3-star recruits that are guys other teams now scheme for now. You know what is real fun to look at the fact that Bell (committed in December before signing day), Martin (committed in November) and Worthy (committed in October) all were 2-star guys. How did all those teams miss on those guys? Could it be because they were not the greatest high school juniors of all time? I guess Dantonio with his "rough time" recruiting stratagy was able to spot them in the fall when they were playing football.
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sportsfanjm July 13, 2011 at 1:52PM
dude, i love your posts! you have almost eliminated a need for me to be here. cant wait for the response from mich fans. tigers said it best: keep puffing your chest about stars, MSU will keep winning games. although, tigers i dont think this class stands up to the last couple years.....yet. i do believe it will get there and have no doubt that it may actually surpass the previous two years with a couple texas boys still making up there minds as well as others. as these kids are only juniors, correctly pointed out by atown and tigers, which means several of the best wont commit until next feb. the best point so far is that coach D looks at recruits in person at his camps. thats not what theyve done against teams where 20 of 22 starters dont go on to play college ball, at least bcs schools anyway. they are playing against other studs. coach D is very thorough and very much like Izzo where the kids need to fit his plan and a role he has in mind.
has anyone else noticed the amount of pure athletes between this years class and next years class? this should help to get to the next level as he continues to recruit power for o and d-lines, lbs, ect....but the skill positions are getting faster and faster. this is what rr missed; the speed is very important, but football is grounded in power. tebow was so great because he balanced power with speed. same with percy harvin, as well as kids from schools not named florida. speed is sometimes over emphasized, but MSU's combination of speed and strength is developing nicely
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tigers182 July 13, 2011 at 12:55PM
um has been winning the recruiting wars for the last several years, while MSU has been winning games. Continue to puff out your chest say get excited for 4 years from now like you've been doing, enjoy your recruiting stars and we'll enjoy our wins.
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iceman1 July 13, 2011 at 12:12PM
A tough time recruiting? Yeah right. The only tough thing going on in this state is that team in blue uniforms winning games. It bet it is easier to recruit when you can promise immediate playing time.
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tigers182 July 13, 2011 at 12:53PM
This is as good of a recruiting year as they've had since Dantonio has taken over, and look at the talented roster he has this year.
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pero July 13, 2011 at 1:55PM
I am actually very pleased with the MSU recruiting effort thus far and unlike the Wolverines who need nearly everything, we are filling our needs quite nicely. Our butt kicking from Alabama showed that we needed to get bigger and quicker up front and our defensive front should be a real strength this year getting much needed preasure on the QB. Those U of M idiots are beating their chests because they are recruiting well and got a new coach? Well great and I am pleased for them that they have some excitement back in their world but they are talking like world beaters when while they have nothing other than a Dick Rod built team. The truth is that Hoke doesn't have bodies to play a power game in the Big Ten yet so the glee at U of M will be tempered quite a bit with the continuation of physical beatings once the conference schedule kicks in. I look for the Spartans to beat Michigan for the 4th year in a row and finish in the top 3 in the Big Ten race. I'm not certain where Michigan will finish nor do I care but I am certain it won't be near the top 3 tier.
Go Green!
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finalarbiter July 13, 2011 at 2:14PM
Hey map, how's the work coming along on the new "Wally the Wolverine" mascot?
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ATownAndDown July 13, 2011 at 2:23PM
Wow... Map commented on the wrong article.
Map I will give you this... I just watched a few clips on this guy... Not the greatest running back in the world.
But as a Keyshawn Martin type player there is some real potential. I wouldn't say it looked like a Reggie Bush high school video because I don't think he has the speed but man he moves quick. Lots of guys hugging only air and there are some nice looking cut backs. Looks like there might be some potential return man in him too. If he devolops the vision he needs at the college level, getting him the ball in space will be exciting.
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sportsfanjm July 13, 2011 at 2:32PM
ya, definitely more of a keyshawn type athlete as opposed to a baker type back. i see him more in the slot, although, now that i think about it, they have used nichol a lot in the slot and he is definitely not a prototypical slot receiver. i guess that is coach D's ability to be creative to get the best out of his players. he will fit in nicely after martin leaves. maybe even a redshirt for his first year and let him develop much better vision.
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ATownAndDown July 13, 2011 at 2:58PM
Dantonio uses the slot in a veried way. He will put Martin there are run some screens, end arounds and quick passes to get the ball to Martin in space. He will also like a bigger guy like Nichol in the slot and run post, slants and seem routs. He even will let a TE line up out there and run bootlegs and 5 yd in routs.
He is creative with the position and can't really pigeon holed into "this is what he does" with the slot.
I would like them to expand the play calling a bit. Last year they had a tendancy to get caught being a little too conservative. We have great running game and I say milk it. But with the varied tools we have at RB, TE and WR, a little creativity will give D-Coordinators fits. It will interesting to see what Roushar does.
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sportsfanjm July 13, 2011 at 3:16PM
i completely agree with the idea of expanding the offense, they have too much talent at every skill position. however, i will give them credit; it seems like they have expanded the offense every year. i always think back to the iowa game in 09 and remember how it was like two 4 year olds banging their heads against a wall for the first half. only felt that way once or twice last year (1st half of ill comest to mind). the only problem is how terrible they were on 3rd downs last year which says to me that they still have a long way to go as that usually means too many long 3rd downs from too many conservative plays. cousins is too accurate a qb and while he is great at play action, if its obvious the d-line is just beating our o-line then get everyone involved to keep the d guessing. id really like to see more trick plays with martin passing the ball. it seems like they are always productive. whether he actually throws down field or just makes something out of nothing. i dont mean direct snaps, although that might work too, but line up martin and cousins in the back field, bring baker to the slot, or wide out, and let cousins throw a quick swing pass to martin then have martin look down field after fowler and cunningham have come out of their blocks. too much talent between nichol, cousins, and martin, the rbs, and the other wr's to not have them get involved. although i love a good cloud of dust game too. man, i cant wait for september!
p.s. with regards to todays question, i know its the not the best, but i just got off and a poster mentioned that the developer or producer or whatever for college football 12 is a mich grad! man they just dont have an objective bone in their bodies
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ATownAndDown July 13, 2011 at 3:45PM
I wouldn't go so far to ask for more trick plays. Last year at times it seemed like they wanted to run the Wisconsin offense but there are two problems with that. First we don't have the Wisconsin offensive line (nobody in the country does). Second Cousins is a way better QB than Tolzien.
Instead of pushing the run-run-pass mentaility, I wish we would see more mixing it up. A series like screen pass (to a back or Martin/Fowler), run, and then you should be looking at worse 3 and managable. That opens it up to a run or a pass play and those are situations you like to be in.
Like you said, sportsfanjm, there were too many times last year they were put in predictable situations and thats when even players you are better than can beat you because they can cheat on the play call. Even when they were in third and short, they would march Bell out and everyone knew they were going to try and stuff the run between the tackles.
Now as much as I would love it, we are not a good enough team to just steam roll every defense out there.
I think creative play calling will actually open the door for those trick plays you want too. Getting different packages and formations out there, there is nothing to tip our hand on what's coming. I would also like to see them open it up a bit to Cousins audibiling more. He seemed limited in that ability last year and he seems like a savvy enough player that they should let him freestyle a bit. Now I am not saying that he should be Manning and going to the line with 2 pass plays and a run called and he is going to pick based on the defense but if the safety is biting down to stop Bell, let Cousins fall a deep rout to Cunningham to where that safety used to be.
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