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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First reader comments and followers registered

Congratulations SD (SpartanDan) for being the first EVER reader to post comments at dUMp the chUMps - Spartan Resource (see under the two video Blog entries to read SD's comments). Right now - your comments register as "anonymous". Really? Not anymore dude - I have ratted you out. Thanks SD! Next time register your screen name so it displays out after you comment. Also, if you wouldn't mind signing up as a follower and for automatic post alerts, we would appreciate it - no spam. It's just us!

Also thanks to Dougie (Jr.) and Bogdan for becoming the first EVER followers of dUMp the chUmps Spartan Resource! Charlie thought he was the first, but his name ain't there. We will recognize you guys again when we hit 100 and the 1000 mark. Who else will be a single digit follower?

On to the Spartans - in the ESPN Big Ten Blog (links below - updated as new Spartan Headlines are posted on the web), they rank the Spartans 6th for 2011 line-backing corps. Check back at the end of the year and it will be a different story, provided we have to publish too many injury posts!

Also in the links at the bottom of the page, you will find that Jolly Green Giants and Spartan Nation have previewed the Spartans and a few other Big 10 teams. Check it out. Check the links daily for updates.


  1. Yeah man! single digit follower! wohooooo!!!

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