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Friday, January 6, 2012

Rising Star in chUMpsville ~ Narduzzi, Athletic Department, Hollis, $$$

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Darryl Stonum 

Well, those who threw stones from their glass houses now have broke windows. This is a pitiful account of one the chUMps rising stars. No further comment necessary for me

Excepts from ESPN' big Ten Blog By Adam Rittenberg:
Stonum, who received two years' probation following a drunken-driving arrest in May, was stopped Thursday by police for driving on a revoked license while en route to a probation meeting. He then lied to his probation officer about how he arrived for the meeting...

This is the same player who served three days in jail in summer 2010 for probation violations stemming from a drunken-driving arrest he had as a Wolverines freshman in 2008...

Hoke... ...said he's not concerned about Stonum's decision-making.

Judge Charles Pope spelled it out pretty clearly for Stonum on Friday, admonishing Stonum for his behavior pattern and particularly for lying to his probation officer.

"To have somebody with four encounters with the criminal justice system involving the use and abuse of alcohol at the age of 21 is extremely unusual..."
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Narduzzi, Athletic Department and Hollis:

I found an excellent, info packed blog post at Little Brother (I still don't get the name of the BLOG) related to Narduzzi, The athletic Department and how MSU stacks up to other schools...

Here are bits and pieces... (or see the full post here)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have a bit of a sticky situation on our hands here.

Reports have surfaced saying Pat Narduzzi was in College Station, Tex., interviewing for the defensive coordinator position at Texas A&M on Thursday...

...if Narduzzi looks at leaving to take the same position at another school, well, that is just plain embarrassing and unacceptable on the part of Michigan State.

...Narduzzi currently makes $235,000 as the DC on Mark Dantonio’s staff at Michigan State. Texas A&M reportedly will offer $600,000 but might go as high as $750 to 800K. If this is the case, gulp, we might be in trouble.
...Michigan State is 44-22 under Dantonio and with Narduzzi leading the defense. Every single thing this team has accomplished he has been a part of. A Big Ten championship, a Legends Division championship, and a 22-5 record (14-2 Big Ten) in the past two seasons.

Yet in 2011, five head coaches made more than the entire Michigan State coaching staff combined ($3,597,050) — including Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz (who is making out like a bandit at $3,785,000).

...The Michigan State athletic department is entirely self-sufficient and receives no state or university funds (in other words, it doesn’t receive any of a student’s tuition), so it relies on private funding (i.e. The Spartan Fund) and revenue it generates from things such as ticket sales.

The football program brought in $45,040,778 in 2010-11, according to this report from (Check out the chart, it’s quite interesting). Of that revenue, 38.68 percent was invested back into the program and the rest was allocated elsewhere to help fund other sports and the athletic department.

...Turns out, athletic director Mark Hollis is the lowest-paid Big Ten AD in base salary, according to this report from the Chicago Tribune and a little digging of my own... He is the marketing genius responsible for the Carrier Classic — which other school’s are picking up as well moving forward, the Cold War hockey game in 2001 at the Big House, and Basketbowl at Ford Field in 2003 against Kentucky.

Oh, and he sticks up for his guys. Check out this piece on how he went to bat for Dantonio, Narduzzi and Will Gholston in the week following the Michigan game this season.
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