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Monday, December 19, 2011

Remembering Andre Rison

    This will be the third time that the Spartans meet the Bulldogs from Georgia.  I was at the first meeting on New Year’s Day in 1989 at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville.  We lost that first meeting but I still remember the show that Andre Rison put on that day.  Down 17-0, Sparty had to air it out.  Before it was over, #1 had nine catches for 252 yards and three touchdowns in the 34-27 loss. 
    If anyone wants to see some Andre Highlights check out
the video.

The first clip starts with him in Green and White and goes through all of the NFL jerseys that he wore.  Catching touchdowns from some big name QB’s.  Farve, Gannon and the despised Elvis Grbac.  As well as the Atlanta Falcon QB, Chris Miller.  I paid $500 to play a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass in Jacksonville once for a fund raiser and was paired with Chris.  He hit it a long way but it was rarely straight.

The MSU highlight starts off with a very nice version of the MSU fight song.  It also includes some footage of the Rose Bowl victory including one of Lorenzo White’s touchdowns.  There is even a Tony Mandrich sighting.

And if you want to see Andre get body slammed in a WWF ring by Sting (remember him?) check out the final video.

I’m looking forward to January 2nd and the third meeting between the Spartans and the Bulldogs.  Much better talent on both sides of the ball this time around.  GO GREEN!



  1. C-Mann,

    When you use the triple secret email address to automatically post to the site, please sure to sign off with your screen name because the site makes it appear as if it is my post. Now I'll go back and read it...


  2. Ah, OK. Now I remember - I did skimmed this from my phone and just assumed it was from SpartanMan82. He has talked about the performance on occasion. Very cool video. The Spartan uniforms mad them look so much like a team from the south back then.

    I embedded the video for you and labeled the post with your screen name.


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