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Saturday, August 6, 2011

That's why we call them chUMps

From Jack Ebling on Spartan Tailgate:

"...Coach Mark Dantonio happened to be visiting Robinson that day on a recruiting trip, and joined him at the elementary school.

Dantonio spoke to the class after Robinson, only to find himself a heckling target for one particularly passionate youngster.
“Most of the kids are State fans but there’s one Michigan fan in there,” Robinson said Friday morning at Big Ten Media Days. “(Dantonio) passes his (2000 Citrus Bowl) ring around and there’s a little boy in the back, and he’s like ‘Michigan State sucks.’ Coach D’s up in the front and he’s like ‘You guys suck, Michigan is better.’
“He’s holding coach D’s ring and he’s like, ‘This ring sucks too.’"

Read how the little chUMp has changed his tune: 

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