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Thursday, August 18, 2011

dUMb chUMps continue to cry about Drew Sharp

Looks like the chUMps took a dUMp on this one: Click here.
Be sure to check out the reader comments at the end of the article. These are the same readers who loved the previous coach. Walmart chUMps hate Free Press Sports Columnist chUMp Alumnus, Drew Sharp. Here is one of the reader comments from


4:17 AM on August 18, 2011
Drew continues his hate on everything Michigan, including ex-UM tailback and current Detroit Cass Tech coach, Thomas Wilcher, now in his anti-UM diatribe. Why now just call Wilcher out by name? Also, good job giving Rich Rod a pass for the last two years that Campbell was in his system. The kid is a jr why are you even discussing what his technique was in HS, if he had a coach the past years this would be irrelevant. So now Drew exepects every lineman, lineback and secondary guy to have proper technique when they enter college? Get real man. If a kid is extremely talented that will supercede everything on the HS level and the majority of coaches, not just those in the PSL, will neglect technique to some extent. What about motivation and technique, this has always been the knock on Campbell not his lack of technique but nice job picking up a 20 yr old kid.

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