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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More on Cousins. It keeps getting better...

This is from an excellent post by Joe Rexrode from LSJ. All these stories are in the resource center at the bottom of the page...

Excerpt from "Legend of  Leader" Post:

...Before every season, Mark Dantonio has each player fill out a goal card.
    “I don’t put Rose Bowl. I don’t put throw for a certain number of yards," Cousins said. "I put ‘Bring an unquenchable enthusiasm every day to practice.’ Because I know the days that I do that, our team performs much better than the days I come in lackadaisical and don’t perform at a high level emotionally. And I think second, third week of training camp, it’s human nature to start to complain and grumble.
    "And I’ve already talked to our seniors and said, ‘Guys, if we as seniors do not complain and do not grumble, the whole team will feed off that. The coaches will feed off that. If we as seniors decide second or third week, it’s hot, we’re tired, if we start to let that creep in, this whole thing could go south.’ So I’m more focused on controlling what we can control, such as our attitude and our preparation. Things like the Rose Bowl will take care of itself.”

See the full post at the bottom of the page in the "Hey Joe" Section. He discusses what Cousins says he is working on, what he learned from Peyton Manning and the security guard at the Rose Bowl has added to the Spartan QB's motivation.


  1. The more I hear about this years team the more I believe that the division is going to come down to the Nebraska game. Iowa is a big question mark. I think they could be beaten and we have the revenge factor on our side. We all know Nebraska is good. Can we both games west of the Mississippi this year? It all starts at the Shoe on October 1st!

  2. Thanks for commenting C Mann 1979. It was kind of a bad draw to get Nebraska's first ever B1G game and it is also in Lincoln. I don't expect to get that game, but if we do it could be a special season. If we can get through that meat grinder at 2-2, we should finish strong and get good bowl game.


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