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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Help for reconstruction of O-line comes from unlikely source

Todd Anderson adding physicality and size to dangerous offense:

From LSJ: 12:41 AM, Aug. 18, 2011  

Fullback Todd Anderson
Fullback Todd Anderson
EAST LANSING - The list of MSU's offensive assets is long, but it sounds like Todd Anderson belongs somewhere on it.
The converted defensive end is turning heads - and snapping heads - with his blocking at fullback.
"I don't think there's a lot of teams at all with a 275-pound fullback that can move, so I'm excited," Edwin Baker said of running behind Anderson. "I can't wait."
Anderson is actually listed at 6-foot-2, 260, but that's still bigger than most at that position.
Baker said Anderson has "blown a couple people up" in camp and is creating sizable running creases.
"Oh yeah, most definitely," Baker said. "I mean the holes are much clearer than last year. You know, he's moving people out of the way, it's not really a standstill."
Anderson, a former walk-on from Napoleon who earned a scholarship last season and played in eight games at end, is replacing Nick Bendzuck. Bendzuck played at 240 pounds.
"One of the things that's impressed me is how physical we are," offensive coordinator Dan Roushar said. "We've got a very physical football team at times. We've got new fullback play in there, Todd Anderson's been really physical. ...
"So we're getting something out of the fullback position that maybe we haven't had in the last couple years. So that's been an impressive situation."

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