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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another great post by Joe Rexrode

Anderson at full back will help new O-line - particularly when Deon Sims is in the formation...

Here is a taste of one of the many tid-bits in Joe's Blog:
    We also got an official weight on Todd Anderson -- 266 pounds. That's up from 240 when last season started. He said he's benching 515. Anderson talked a lot about how much more physical this offense will be this season, a topic we'll explore more in the coming days. If that sounds like quite a transformation, consider Travis Jackson. He's 280 -- and he was also 240 when last season started. Many high school centers are larger than that. Jackson is assuming nothing and believes his battle with Blake Treadwell is close to even, but Jackson is getting most of the reps with the ones. We'll find out Monday if anything has changed on that front.

Read the article - click here.

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