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Saturday, August 13, 2011

First scrimmage results, player and coaches interviews and more...

ESPN Radio interviews Mark Dantonio. Listen to the 6 minute interview here.

Redshirt freshman center, Travis Jackson is handling the center job so well, it may force junior Blake Treadwell (son of former offensive coordinator and current CMU head coach, Don Treadwell) over to guard in effort to get the best five lineman on the field. 

Both quarterbacks shine in first jersey scrimmage. Nick Hill led all running backs and Bennie Fowler led the receivers. Sophomore, DE William Gohlston, Sophomore safety Isaiah Lewis, senior safety Trenton Robinson, and sophomore middle linebacker Max Bullough were the defensive standouts.

M-Live posted an excellent article on Fou Fonoti, the cousin of former Spartans Siitupe and Domata Peko. He is a JC transfer just as his cousins were. He seems to have worked his way into the playing group although the depth has not been established. The most interesting part is not what Greg Johnson of M-live wrote about Fonoti, but rather it is what Fonoti said about Dantonio and this team. He has been pleased that his new teammates reach out and help him. "Even the defensive lineman tell you things about what they see when you set up," he said. "Everybody has been very helpful." The organization of Dantonio’s practices are among the things that most impress him. "Everything is so structured, everything is so professional," he said. "Coach D (Dantonio) is all about time. The organization is very nice. To see that makes me feel good about being here."

If you are really into it, you might enjoy these video interviews with offensive coordinator Dan Roushar, and defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi. Just ignore the dumb, short commercial at the beginning. While posting this, I just discovered a new video of Dantonio and another of true freshman Lawrence Taylor and four other players. Both were recorded after Thursday's practice.

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