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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a chUMp and his money...

Vegas Insider odds for winner of the 2013-2014 NCAA National Championship.

(as of 11/4/2013)

Look down the list. Which team is 5th from the bottom?

   Odds    Team
      7/4    Alabama
      2/1    Oregon
    11/5    Florida State
      6/1    Baylor
      9/1    Ohio State
    45/1    Stanford
    60/1    Field
  200/1    Missouri
  300/1    LSU
  500/1    Oklahoma
1000/1    South Carolina
1000/1    Clemson
1000/1    Texas A&M
1000/1    Louisville
2000/1    Oklahoma State
5000/1    Michigan
5000/1    Texas Tech
5000/1    Fresno State
5000/1    UCLA
5000/1    Arizona State

A 2-loss team that still has to face Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa, and Ohio State is going to have fans that bet on WINNING a National Championship?

A fool dUMb chUMp and his money are soon parted.

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  1. THis just in:

    Vegas has dUMped the chUMps!

    The new futures line has excluded the University of Little Missygan.

  2. 76: Nice catch, this would be good for a short post. Would you like to do it, or should I whip a little something together with a link to this original article?

    (no restrictions today on when to post, but let me know if I should do it)

  3. The day is full of honeydos. Why not you go for it, get it done. Tag team me! :-)


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