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Friday, November 1, 2013


The Michigan Football program has suffered another failure, losing another player to suspension due to illegal activity. This is at least the second such player suspension this season.

A tight-end by the name of A.J. Williams was caught partying with the Buckeyes last weekend, and driving drunk around northern Ohio State. Coach Brady Hoke had no choice but to suspend him from the team. That's the same penalty meted out to Thomas Gordon, who was also caught doing something wrong shortly after the season began.

The player misbehavior and subsequent arrests and penalties is evidence that the University of Michigan features a "superior" brand of athlete, one who upholds high personal standards and never does anything wrong. Wait, that doesn't sound right. Maybe it actually shows that UM is no different, and therefore no better, than just about anybody else. There, that makes more sense.

These cases call to mind the story of Daryl Stonum, a Michigan football player who was arrested and charged and convicted and suspended so many times that nobody anywhere can actually keep track of the actual totals. We just know that he was unofficially "Mister Suspension" in Wolverine Country for more than two years.

But you don't need to go back to the Rodriguez Era to find miscreant weasels. Just look back to the 2013 Bowl game for more cases of misconduct. Hoke suspended three players before that game, including Will Hagerup. Or what about the case of Frank Clark, the burglar who was caught blue-handed with a stolen computer two summers ago? Clark was actually popped just about the same time that Fitzgerald Toussaint was arrested for drunk driving.

HONEST POINT: This article began as a report about A.J. Williams, but a few simple Google-searches uncovered so many cases of Michigan players getting busted and/or suspended and/or kicked off the team, that it's running on a bit. I guess there are so many cases like these with Michigan athletes, that finally just put them all into one comprehensive article.

So let's leave it with one more story that relates to the big game. Everybody knows that Michigan Kicker Brendan Gibbons was involved with a RAPE case, right? and we all know that the U-of-M tried to cover up the entire incident, right? You can find out a whole lot more by searching for "Brendan Gibbons Rape".

But did you know that TAYLOR LEWAN confronted the rape victim? He threatened to RE-RAPE HER if she didn't keep quiet about the attack. Lewan, as you all know, will be starting for the University of Michigan in the game tomorrow.

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  1. Actually, Gibbons is the starting kicker tomorrow. That wikipedia entry says his major is Women's Studies. Wow.


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