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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Countdown To Roses - MSU at Northwestern Post Game

My predictions are published:
Countdown To Roses - MSU at Northwestern
Numbers do not win games, no matter how cleverly they are presented and/or manipulated. Statistics can only give probabilities based on quality data. In Countdown, it was acknowledged that there were insufficient data for a good analysis. However, I also wrote that I had my spoon ready and I expect the crow to fly.

Prediction, Michigan State yards rushing: 165 (+23/-40) yds. Actual: 168 yds
Prediction, Michigan State yards passing: 211 (+54/-53) yds. Actual: 292 yds
Prediction, Michigan State scoring: 24 (+5/-8) pts. Actual: 30

Prediction, Northwestern yards rushing: 71 (+21/-24) yds. Actual: 80 yds
Prediction, Northwestern yards passing: 151 (+56/-56) yds. Actual: 239 yds
Prediction, Northwestern scoring: 13 (+7/-3) pts. Actual: 6

Only 2 of 6 predictions were accurate.

Crow chili, barbecued crow, broiled crow, crow stew, all good.
Then there is crow with salsa and beer.

Trust me, crow tastes pretty damned good when it's flavored with a Spartan Victory!

My personal prediction as posted in comments on was 42-6. MSU knelt on the 5 to end the game. Had Drummond gotten a break, the game would have ended 37-6. Close enough.

Next up, the Golden Gophers, then the Buckeyes, then off to the Rose Bowl.


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  1. Mister 76,

    OUTSTANDING PREDICTIONS!! Proud to be working with you.


  2. P.S. Crow Dinner Buffet restaurant opening this week in Ann Arbor.

  3. The problem is that those denizens of Ann Arbor refused to partake of well-earned crow in the past. As a result, the AA Crow Dinner Buffet recipes are wanting.

    On the other hand, any chUMp that shows up with his own spoon gets a FREE CROW TACO.


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