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Thursday, November 14, 2013

MSU FOOTBALL FRONT-BURNER: Part 4 - Neighborhood Bully/Feasting on Huskers - (SpartanMan82)

Our weekly feature on MSU Football brings diverse responses
to a variety of questions related to the Spartans program. 

Because of the significance MSU-UM Rivalry Game and bye week results,
This FRONT-BURNER is presented in multiple installments.

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PART 4 (Featuring SpartanMan82)

1. Do you have any messages or suggestions for Spartan fans eager to chime in? How should Spartan fans "handle success"? How should Spartan fans interact with UM fans in social media or personally?

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s Desmond Howard Satire Here)
The main thing is for Spartans to be Spartans, not chUMps. We should not be posting derogatory comments on UM social media web sites. (Don't worry, they're doing a great job of that on their own). While MSU is having "success", there hasn't been so much of it that we can't our own heads level.

As for personal interactions, we should go out of our way to be dignified, without needing to be considerate of their feelings. Consider it a personal exercise in "Spartanism". That style contrasts with the chUMps, who are both undignified and inconsiderate. If a particular chUMp gave you a hard time before our game against them two weeks ago, naturally you might want to "even the score" in a personal interaction with them. But then leave it at that. Don't turn it into a crusade, or you may become one of them. And you definitely don't want to become one of them.

It may help you behave like a Spartan to visualize Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio after a big game, even against Michigan. Try to be like them. They are both dignified, and they make no secret of their interest in beating UM. But they have never lowered themselves in public to the level of a chUMp. Not even close.

2. It seems every year UM is "down", the Big Ten is viewed and being "down". This was the perception the last time MSU won the Rose Bowl and in Nick Saban's last year in East Lansing when the Spartans recorded victories over Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Florida as well as during Mark Dantonio's most successful seasons. Can the media ever consider the Big Ten as having a strong year if UM or Ohio State is not ranked?

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s Desmond Howard Satire Here)
You must be talking about the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine. Who cares about them? They won't change their views until UM has enough failure to make them forget why they ever started to worship the Wolverines in the first place. Traditions die hard but they almost always die.

MSU is making gains, led by Men's Basketball, in national perception. The basketball game against Kentucky this week didn't hurt. A strong finish in football will also help.

3. What would you like Spartan fans to know or consider about this Saturday's game in Lincoln?

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s Desmond Howard Satire Here)
The season is not "over" if we lose the game. Losing at Nebraska is no shame for any team other than Oklahoma. Much has already been accomplished this season, and while it would be disappointing to finish in second place, the season is still quite good, and may get better, even with a loss.

MSU could still finish with 10 regular-season wins, and a bowl victory could still make an 11-win season, and that would be three out of four 11-win seasons. Remember that the focus of this year was to prove that those other two 11-win seasons were not a fluke. It's hard to depict 40 wins in four years as a fluke.

Not to say we can't win or that we won't win. But if we don't win, let's all keep our cool and support our team. Oh, and let's hope the refs don't give the game to the Cornhuskers again.

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