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Monday, November 25, 2013


Has anybody gotten tired of the excuses being peddled on behalf of the floundering University of Michigan football team? This is the bunch that maintained a Top 25 ranking after almost losing to both Akron and Connecticut. It was after those near-losses that we started to hear about how "young" their offensive line is, and those excuses expanded to claim that their entire team is young. We have debunked both claims on this web site.

Now "Senior Day" is approaching for both UM and MSU, and we have learned that both teams have a very similar-sized senior class:

  • 18 Seniors for Michigan
  • 19 Seniors for Michigan State

The "Michigan Mainstream Media Machine" (M4) continue to twist public perception in a favorable direction for UM, while consistently working to highlight faults and problems with MSU.

Don't get fooled by the M4. They have created a public belief system that has led to Ohio State being favored by less than two touchdowns against Michigan this weekend. Really? 12 points. REALLY?

How many points would OSU be favored by if they were playing Akron or UConn? Both of those teams ran step-for-step with UM this year. By all means, take Brutus and the points!

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