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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

As the sun continues to shine after a rainy day in Spartan Stadium, a record setting day in Spartan Stadium, reflection on what the football team just accomplished has brought back a rush of memories.

So let's take a walk down memory lane...

The chUMp year in review - 2009:

The chUMps were subjected to an NCAA investigation resulting in FIVE NCAA ALLEGATIONS OF MAJOR VIOLATIONS. First time in school history major NCAA allegations have been levied on the football program.

Other statistics and records:
5-7-0 overall.
1-7-0 Big Ten
8-16-0 (0.33333) over 2 years.
3-13-0 (0.18750) Big Ten over 2 years
First back-to-back 7+ loss seasons in school history; 8-16-0.
First back-to-back losing seasons in 46 years (1962-63); 5-11-2.
Back-to-back losing seasons for the third time in school history (other time was 1958-59, 6-11-1).
8-16-0 (0.3333) ties the worst 2 year (win-loss percentage) record in school history. Prior record was 1962-63 with a 5-11-2 record (0.33333).
The 1958-59 point differential was -118 points. The 2008-09 point differential was -80 points.
Set the school record for losses in consecutive years (2008-09) at 16 for the 2nd year in a row. Previous record was 13 set in 2007-08. Prior to that it was 11 (35-36, 36-37, 58-59, 62-63).
Allowed 35 points or more in 4 consecutive games. A school record.
1st time since 1975 missed going to bowl games 2 years in a row.
New Defenseive Coordinator, third year in a row.
Tied for 10th (last place) in the Big Ten
First Big Ten single (1) conference win season in 47 years (1962).
First Big Ten last place finish in 47 years (1962).
2nd worst conference 2-year win-loss percentage and 3rd worst win total in school history. 1962-3 was 3-9-2 (.2857). 1935-6 was 2-8 (.2000). 1934-5 was 2-9-0 (.1818).
The 1962-3 point differential was -140 points. The 1958-59 point differential was -118 points. The 2008-09 point differential was -80 points.
All-time school record for most conference losses in school history set for second year in a row.
First time since the Big Ten allowed teams to participate in bowls other than the Rose Bowl that Little Missygan went 2 seasons without a bowl game.
First 6-game Big Ten losing streak in 50 years (1958).
First 6-game losing streak versus OSU, ever. Matches the longest streak in the rivalry (OSU 6 consecutive losses in 1922-27).
Second year in a row a losing streak record versus OSU was set.
3 losses in a row, at home to OSU.
Broke the streak of 6 consecutive victories in E. Lansing versus MSU.
First back-to-back MSU wins versus UM in 42 years (since 1965-67).
First back-to-back Illinois wins versus UM in 51 years (since 1957-58).
First back-to-back Purdue wins versus UM in 43 years (since 1962-66).
First back-to-back Penn St. wins versus UM in 13 years (1995-96).
First win by Purdue at UM in 42 years (1966).

The chUMp year in review - 2008:

More Statistics and Records:
3-9 overall
1st losing season in 46 years
Set the school record for losses in consecutive years (2007-08) at 13.
4th worst win-loss percentage in school history
7th worst record for number of wins in school history
All-time school record for most number of losses in a season
All-time school record for most points allowed in a season
3rd worst point differential for a single season in school history
Worst season for a first-year coach in school history
2nd worst season-to-season collapse in school history
2-6 Big Ten
All-time school record for most conference losses in school history
3rd worst conference win-loss percentage in school history
First loss to a MAC school in Michigan history (1-4 Toledo went on to a 2-6 season)
Broke the streak of 33 consecutive bowl games
Broke the streak of 8 consecutive home victories versus MSU
First 5-game losing streak versus OSU, ever
Since his hiring in December, 2007, 12 recruits have de-committed (8 from the 2009 class), 19 players have not returned, and 5 other players are noted as possible.
Assistant coach Scott Shafer took the blame for the abysmal defense in 2008 and resigned.
Broke the streak of 21 consecutive seasons by losing to OSU, ND, and MSU all in the same season

The chUMp year in review - 2007:

Aren't Historical Statistics and Records Fascinating?
Opening game, in the Outhouse
Appalachian State 34 Skunkbear U. 32
First time in NCAA history an AP ranked D-1A team lost to a D-1AA team.
No. 5. Overrated! Toke 'em up boys!

Moving on...
And since it seems to be so very, very important to the chUMps, so important that they let go of an outstanding coach, Lloyd Carr:

2010 SU 7, OSU 37
2009 SU 10, OSU 21 in the Outhouse
2008 SU 7, OSU 42
2007 SU 3, OSU 14 in the Outhouse
2006 SU 39, OSU 42
2005 SU 21, OSU 25 in the Outhouse
2004 SU 21, OSU 37
First 5/6/7-game losing streak, ever, versus Ohio State.

Aren't chUMps awesome? Just ask one.

Then there is the little thing about the Charm School colors and mascot.

Maize and blue. Maize is CORN. No wonder no one ever mentions it.

That weasel of a mascot is an overgrown skunk, complete with stink glands. Such an admirable creature, steals rather than hunts, eats carrion, sprays and runs rather than fights, just a mean, vicious, bear cub with a big yellow stripe running down its back.

Seems a perfect match.

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