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Saturday, November 9, 2013


My Daughter called to share her excitement about defeating her hated accounting course at Michigan State University. She is smart. She will leave with three degrees (not just three majors) in four years - Economics, Statistics and Finance. This accounting course was kicking her ass - mostly because she doesn't like the material. Our conversation migrated to her academic achievements and her career trajectory (that's her terminology). Then, we shifted to MSU football.

She shared about the fun she had in the student section during the Michigan beat down, the DUMPING of the chUMps last Saturday and how much she will miss those times when she graduates. She hated spectator sports and especially football prior to her arrival on campus. Football was evil and a complete waste of time and energy. She wore a DUMP the chUMps shirt to the game. We quickly moved on to this weekend's games. "Saturdays aren't the same without Spartan football", we agreed and we naturally moved on to the the Anti-Spartans in Ann Arbor.

She didn't quite understand why it might be in MSU's best interest for Michigan to beat Nebraska, so I explained the standings and tie breaker stuff - what would happen if Nebraska beat Michigan and then beat MSU next week.. I explained the rules about how to handle situations when a Michigan win helps us (see rules on rooting for chUMps here). I also explained that it would be best for her to just go study or rake leaves rather than watch the game because, you can't jump out of your seat cheering the play-by-play like when Michigan gets a first down. And it happened - she finished my sentence. She said, "That would be sick!" She went on to say, "I'm not doing that. I can't root for those guys. There is no way."

My, previously football hating, daughter will be watching the UM-Nebraska game with her Michigan fan boyfriend. She said, "I think we will beat Nebraska next week. We don't need Michigan. I'm not rooting for them. I'm rooting for Nebraska. We will beat Nebraska next week."

My daughter has got some man-sized balls!

I said, "This is great. I'm listening to you and realizing that you've grown up to be the perfect daughter!"

We laughed knowing the context of what that meant. All my kids are perfect and awesome - even the one who went to Michigan (See "Not All Michigan Fans Are chUMps").

Of course she posted our special moment on facebook.

After a half-hour conversation about my academic strategy and career trajectory, I mentioned to [my Dad] that I would be rooting for Nebraska over Michigan in the upcoming game with the faith that MSU will beat Nebraska anyway, and it was then that he told me I was the perfect daughter. Thanks Dad.

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Dad: Intimate moment shared on facebook. Had to be there.

Uncle: The perfect niece!

Mom: Happy mom!

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