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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MSU FOOTBALL FRONT-BURNER: Part 2 - Neighborhood Bully/Feasting on Huskers (ATownAndDown)

Our weekly feature on MSU Football brings diverse responses to
a variety of questions surrounding the Spartans program. 

Because of the significance of the MSU-UM Rivalry Game and the bye week results,
this edition of FRONT-BURNER is presented in multiple installments.

 Part 1: The Rivalry Game Aftermath and
MSU Football All-Access Video on UM Game)
Part 3 (Featuring MSUSpartan76)
Part 4 (Featuring SpartanMan82)
Part 5 (Featuring ATownAndDown)

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PART 2 (Featuring ATownAndDown)

1. How do you view UM's back-to-back collapse? What does it mean for the MSU Football program?

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
MSU beat U of M twice (and UM has to be cautious of it turning into 3 times). Gardner looked beat down from the get-go against Nebraska. Nebraska also followed MSU's defensive game plan to stuff that U of M offense. U of M needs to sew up some holes and get healthy in a hurry or they are going to go out with a whimper this year. I think it goes to show the level that MSU defense can play at. They are not just going to impose their will they are going to make you earn every inch you get. By the way, YSU is the only team to win their next game following playing MSU. MSU's defense is no joke.

2. Nebraska entered their game with UM as the #9 rushing defense in the B1G. They held Michigan to -20 yards rushing and tallied 7 sacks. Did MSU expose just how bad Michigan is and Nebraska simply followed up with a repeat OR did MSU break Michigan's spirit making it easy for Nebraska to put up MSU-like numbers against them? Is MSU "that good" OR did Nebraska's success leave doubt about the quality MSU's defense? Will any MSU victory other than beating Ohio State "prove" that MSU is really what their stats say they are?

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
I think Nebraska mimicked a lot of what MSU did and U of M was so beat up from the week before that it worked. There might be some that question the defense we have but I think a lot have come off that "well they haven't played anyone yet" way of thinking. All MSU can do is play who is in front of them and win those games. Similar to OSU, the defense needs to continue to perform at a high level. That is going to be the way we earn "style" points nationally. Going up against Nebraska and NW, who are known for their offense, and stuffing them will help the national perception in my opinion. Even Minnesota is a nice win because they have 8 wins already.

3. You engage in or read a lot of MSU-UM social media. How would you characterize the Michigan fan-base reaction? How has the media handled the Michigan football situation in your opinion? Any surprises?

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
I am not a huge reader of the Michigan Media but I have seen a lot of excuses coming from fans and a lot of Michigan Men jumping off the bandwagon. It is quite humorous because of all the Michigan Men that had U of M playing OSU back-to-back for the right to play Alabama before the season started. Hoke was a golden god; Gardner was a "Michigan-Man QB"; the defense under Mattison was finally what U of M has been historically known for. Now its RichRod's fault; Hoke can't coach up talent; Gardner is no better than Denard. It makes me laugh.

4. In the wake of the Spartans success against UM and Michigan's exposed ineptitude, comment on the way you see MSU players and coaches responding in the media to being in the state's power position. Do you see any MSU players or coaches being unprofessional or exhibiting a certain "pride before the fall" type attitude?

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
I think MSU has been pretty classy for the most part. The response pretty much across the board has been "It was a nice win but we have to get ready for Nebraska." Even with the whole Lewan-Lewis situation, it would have been easy to take some potshots but everyone really took the position that its done and over and that is something for the B1G to deal with. MSU wants to beat U of M for the rivalry thing but there have always been larger goals in mind under Coach D. The guys are focused on winning the conference. If that is prideful then I guess it is what it is.

Do you have any messages or suggestions for Spartan fans eager to chime in? How should Spartan fans "handle success"? How should Spartan fans interact with UM fans in social media or personally?

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