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Sunday, November 3, 2013

There is a "Michigan Difference?"


Is the gap widening between Michigan and Michigan State? Brady Hoke: 'I don't think there is a gap
by Nick Baumgardner

Some quotes:
But the Spartans were out for blood. They were out to embarrass Michigan. To physically punish the Wolverines one more time.
And they accomplished all of those things and so much more.

If there's going to be one football team from the state of Michigan playing in the Big Ten Championship game this December, it'll likely be the Spartans.
In order for Michigan to get there now, the Wolverines need to win all four of their final regular season games.
And the Spartans need to lose all three of theirs.

Now we can clearly see the "MICHIGAN DIFFERENCE."

Maybe they should find something better to do then call us "Little Brother."

That's just a suggestion, just a thought... Based on what? Why should they stop? After all, ABC in its introduction called the Spartans "Little Brother Michigan State" while referring to Michigan as merely "Michigan."

Game Results:
2006 MSU 13 at UM 31 (Smith/Carr)
2007 at MSU 24 UM 28 (Dantonio)
2008 MSU 35 at UM 21 (Rodriguez)
2009 at MSU 26 UM 20
2010 MSU 35 at UM 17
2011 at MSU 28 UM 14 (Hoke)
2012 MSU 10 at UM 12
2013 at MSU 29 UM 6

The defensive trend line is obvious.
MSU has won 5 of 7 games by 6 points or more and lost 2 by a combined 6 points.

The recruiting gap is closing.
The Myth - Part I
The Myth - Part II

Win-Loss Records:
Coach Choke is 1-2 versus MSU.
Coach Dantonio is 5-2 versus UM.
UM seniors are 1-3 versus MSU seniors.
Last decade: 5-5

It isn't over. It will never be over. It's just starting.
-- 2007, MSU Head Coach Mark Dantonio

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