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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Amazing to look back six years and reconsider the comments made by Mike Hart, right after he knew he didn't have to play another game against Michigan State. That guy just sat there and made up a story, telling it as if he really believed it.

There was none of that Saturday by MSU players, even after a complete shutdown of the Michigan football team. (Remember that Hart's team won by four points on a pair of late scores in a nail-biter that could have gone either way.) None of the Spartan players belittled the fallen Wolverines.

Not that the material wasn't available, if you followed the flow of the game. Imagine what they could have said:
"It's kind of like when you play in the back yard with your little brother and his friends. You go easy on them to keep it close, dropping a pass and overthrowing a receiver here and there, until you score right before half-time. Then you bully them around for awhile in the second half until you throw them an easy interception to give them some hope, only to push them way backwards just because you can. Then near the end of the game you give your little brother some more hope by letting them drive down the field into the red zone. Then you intercept him just outside the goal-line and laugh at him while you march right down the field for another touchdown."
Nothing like that was really said by MSU players because Spartans are not chUMps. Recall that the starting tailback for UM called the entire Michigan State program "little brothers" five days before the game and he was not reprimanded in any visible way by his Coach or Athletic Director. Wolverine culture allows, if not promotes, behavior that is unacceptable by Spartan standards.

Nobody from Michigan got on Hart for those things he said. Their silence was deafening. By not admonishing a scholarship athlete making those types of comments in a formal media interview, the Wolverines stamped his words with their seal of approval.

Then the Spartans stamped out the Wolverines on the field, yet none of the true Victors carried on in any unsportsmanlike manner. (MSU fans didn't even storm the field after the game, as UM fans did a year ago in football and a few months later in basketball.) Perhaps Mike "Napoleon" Hart has met his Waterloo, and it is Spartan Nation.

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