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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[Video] MSU FOOTBALL FRONT-BURNER: Neighborhood Bully Bloodies chUMps Nose [All-Access: Michigan]

Our weekly feature on MSU Football brings diverse responses to a variety of questions
surrounding the Spartans program. As Spartan attempt to survive a bye-week,
our panelists present unique opinions about many facets of Spartan football.


---Because of the significance MSU-UM Rivalry Game
outcome, there will likely be additional installments
of FRONT-BURNER prior to the next game---


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1. ABC introduced the UM at MSU game naming the contestants as "Michigan" and "Little Brother Michigan State." What should be done to ABC for perpetuating that crap? Should MSU respond in any way?

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s humorous and prophetic version of Front-Burner here)
We should all make sure everybody knows that ABC is the "Little Brother" of both NBC and CBS. The older networks began in the mid-1920's, while little-bitty ABC wasn't even born until 1943. So when you see anybody who works for an ABC affiliate, call them "little brother" and be prepared to explain the reason why.

As for official action, the next time ABC shows up for a game, their working crews should all be supplied with sippy-cups, pacifiers, and a package of diapers. Any ABC executives on site should be served Gerbers food right out of the jar.

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
In my opinion, ABC did a horrible job with the game. I honestly think they bought in hook, line and sinker, that U of M was "back" and going to take that game. They dropped that line. They showed more shots of Denard Robinson (a guy who was not even in the game and had a career record of 1-3 in the rivalry) more than they did of the actual game in the first half. They were clueless about MSU's offense (they chose Nick Hill, the 3rd string RB, as one of the key offensive players). It seemed like they loaded the broadcast for U of M and their horse never showed up. I think MSU's performance did enough responding. But then again that kind of coverage isn't new (remember the bowl game against UGA when it seemed like the UGA Alumni Association was doing the broadcast). Just keep showing up to work and getting results... who cares what everyone thinks.

MSUSpartan76 (Follow him on M-Live)
ABC should man up and apologize. MSU should take the high road again and ignore it. We Spartan fans should refer to it merely as "Hart's Insult."

2. How many football games have you ever attended/watched that were more personally gratifying than this one? Were you ever nervous that MSU might lose this game?

MSUSpartan76 (Follow him on M-Live)
There have been a few along the way that were close. Just as one example: the 1990 Victory by MSU (1-2-1) over No. 1 UM (3-1) (Perles - Moeller) 28 to 27. It is so hard to beat a nail-biter like that one. Still, this record setting 2013 game is, by far, the tops.

Was I nervous about a loss? No. I was concerned when the chUMps moved the ball so well on the first drive. But when they were forced to settle for a field goal, well my beer suddenly tasted better.

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s humorous and prophetic version of Front-Burner here)
I have a lot of memories of November 9, 1974, when Levi Jackson broke through right in front us at the 12-yard-line and won the game with three minutes left. I remember several other wins over UM that had special meaning because we pulled the upset as an underdog, same as against OSU in '74. There was also that game in the deep-freeze where we scored 76 points.

But this game had the combination of beating Michigan along with the element of crushing an opponent. Never felt that way before. Didn't actually get nervous, thanks to the TD before half-time. Doesn't mean I was actually "confident", just didn't feel "the threat".

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
The game was gratifying in all the Michigan Men that have to eat crow. Brady Hoke was the "second coming of Bo". He finally had "a quarterback that could run his system". He had "his recruits in place on defense". On and on and on about Big 2 and Little 8, "hope MSU enjoyed its little run," and "who has MSU played?" And here we sit not even a week after those comments. No one is talking now. In fact I have seen more comments about Gardner quitting on the team and Hoke and Co. need to be replaced than anything. That's interesting how that works.

3. One of the best statistics from Saturday's game is Michigan's average yards-to-go on 4th down was 16 yards. Another is that, of Michigan's 13 4th downs, only two were less than 5 yards to go and five were more than 20 yards to go (including 31 and 48). See Mining the Box Score. What are some of your favorite statistics (or their historical significance) from this game?

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
Favorite statistic is the final score: 29-6. Not only do you have to go back nearly 5 decades to find an MSU win that was that lopsided but the win is what will live on forever. Eventually all the fun goofy stats will fade. We might vaguely remember holding U of M to some ridiculous rushing number. But the win will always be there and at the end of the day its only the win that counts.

MSUSpartan76 (Follow him on M-Live)
6-29 represents the largest margin of victory by the Spartans since 1967.
6-29 is the fewest points allowed by the Spartans in the rivalry game since 1967.
The chUMps set an all time school record in rushing with -48 yards (negative 48).
The chUMp QB was sacked 7 times.
The chUMp QB was hit on 34 of the 54 offensive plays.
On designed rushing plays, the chUMps gained 1 yard in 22 carries.
The Spartans enjoyed an 11 yard average field position advantage.
The chUMps scored 36 points below their season average.
The best one of all is 3 in-a-row in Spartan Stadium versus the Ann Arbor Charm School ball club. Coach Dantonio and the 2013 team is the first to do that. MSU school record.
I have to quit. My fingers are cramping....

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s humorous and prophetic version of Front-Burner here)
No touchdowns and -48 yards rushing.

4. It seems that Michigan enters the game against MSU each year perceived as a "pretty good" team, but after we beat them, suddenly they are perceived as a "crappy" team. What do you make of this pattern?

SpartanMan82 (See SM82s humorous and prophetic version of Front-Burner here)
This is why Coach Mark Dantonio said he "felt complete" after the game. It's because he undressed them, again, in front of everybody. He has done this before, and the UM apologists jump in to criticize their protected team in an attempt to take credit away from MSU.

The same thing happened this year in men's basketball, when Michigan State slammed Michigan with a 31-point second half lead, and all those folks could say after the game was that UM "didn't play their game", as if that meant it was just another mulligan.

Those people are hereby sentenced to one full year of giving themselves only back-handed compliments.

ATownAndDown (Follow him on M-Live)
Its all perception. U of M has come into this game over the past 6 seasons sporting a pretty good team offensively. Especially under RichRod but even under Hoke, its the offensive numbers and those early season Heisman hopefuls that catches the public's eye. MSU has always put an emphasis on defense and physical play since Coach D joined up. It has made those offensive circuses of teams look pretty mediocre. Suddenly U of M was a pretty good team that just got slapped in the face and had its identity destroyed. Now who are they if they are not an offensive juggernaut? They are a crappy team.

MSUSpartan76 (Follow him on M-Live)
It's simply a chUMpism. Media bias plays big into it. We are dealing with, still, after some 35 years since it was first spoken by Coach Daryl Rogers, those Arrogant Asses in Ann Arbor.

Narrator: Andre Hutson

  • Segment One: In depth spotlight and interview - Max Bullough
  • Segment Two: In depth spotlight and interviews - Freshman contributors (Delton Williams, Darian Hicks, R.J. Shelton, Michael Geiger)
  • Segment Three: Michigan Game highlights, celebration, locker room fight song

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