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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Requiem for the chUMps

We are just beginning to see the real aftermath of the total domination of the Ann Arbor Charm School ball club by the Michigan State Spartans. We've already been hearing from the chUMps an old, familiar mantra.

"Wait 'til next year!"

Then the list the roster and recruiting stars and blah, blah, blah they do go on about how fabulous their recruiting classes have been and will be and how they will again dominate the rivalry (note they are now calling it a rivalry) and on and on ad nauseam.

One must ask: Just how valuable are all of those elite 4 & 5 star recruits if they do not stay long enough to play? From Chat Sports: Exclusive: Multiple Michigan underclassment exploring transfer options.

So, the chUMps think the Ann Arbor Charm School ball club is going to close the gap with the Spartans in 2014? Not with as much as 10% of their team bailing. Part of that article addresses the question of why the recruits feel they were misled during recruiting.

Several things that I was told were promised to players that are now considering transferring that have not come to fruition during their 1 or 2 seasons on campus:
 - A blitzing defense that attacks the QB
 - Steady rotation of running backs, giving multiple players the chance to get meaningful carries
 - Steady rotation of d-linemen, giving younger guys meaningful snaps
 - A progressive, attacking offense
 - The Big Ten’s toughest offensive line
 - Top O-line coaching and technique
 - A Big Ten championship by Hoke’s 3rd season, national championship contention by year 4.

In addition, highly touted recruits such as JuJu Smith are just saying no to the chuMps.

We will pass by the easy target of UM player suspensions.

Well, the highly overepaid Coach Choke apparently got a barrel of snakeoil from Rich Rodriguez and has been spreading it heavily.

And this same likeable guy is still claiming the chUMps will see their team in the Rose Bowl. This season. Ok. I exaggerated. The claim is the goal to get the B1G Title is still on, still achieveable.

Is it possible the maize haze is finally clearing?

Is it possible that Vegas will drop the line on UM winning the National Crown? (Update, they did.)

Are we finally actually seeing that school down the road by its true colors? Is it possible that people are finally realizing there actually is a Michigan Difference and that in Ann Arbor it is more aligned with NCAA Sanctions (the probationary period just ended) then those unsubstantiated claims of Leaders and the Best?" It's McCheatin U. for God's sake!

What can you expect from a program led by the chief Noid?


Wait 'til next year!

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  1. Great points by 76 in this piece. Here's a little more from a UM fan who was asking Drew Sharp questions today. This is the way Michigan Fans are looking at their program right now:


    Drew can you please comment on the current state of Michigan Football and Brady Hoax ability to lead them?

    8 of 9 Losses to tOSU.
    5 of 6 Losses to Mich State.
    3 of 4 Losses to Wisconsin.
    4 Losses in a row to Penn State.

    In the 12.5 years of the 2000 era, Michigan Football:
    Has 52 losses.
    Has not won a Big Ten title in 9 years.
    Has not won the combination of a Big Ten title and bowl game in 13 years.

    Michigan has not had a signature road win in 7 seasons (2006 @ ND).

    Brady Hoax has a record playing away from Michigan Stadium of 6-12.

    Brady Hoax has no conference titles in 10 seasons as a head coach.

    Brady Hoax is 15-45 as a head coach vs. teams with 6 or more wins at Ball State, SDSU and UM.



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