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Sunday, November 10, 2013


I was mulling over the Hart Insult and thought there was a correlation with the current season. There is, but I also found it more appropriate to view this as Coach Dantonio did back then.

Proverbs 16:18 - Pride comes before destruction, and arrogance before the fall.

08/31/13 vs Central Michigan _ 59-9 led to arrogance
09/07/13 vs Notre Dame _____  41-30 led to arrogance
09/14/13 vs Akron __________ 28-24 led to self-delusion & arrogance
09/21/13 at Connecticut ______ 24-21 led to self-delusion & arrogance
10/05/13 vs Minnesota _______ 42-13 led to arrogance

10/12/13 at Penn State _______  40-43 stumbling, a foreshadowing of THE FALL
10/19/13 vs Indiana  _________ 63-47 led to greater arrogance

11/02/13 at Michigan State ____  6-29 THE FALL - totally dominated
11/09/13 vs Nebraska ________ 13-17 again, THE FALL - again dominated

It seems Nebraska watched the film. Do you suppose others have, too?

What happens now?

11/16/13 at Northwestern - projected loss
11/23/13 at Iowa - projected loss
11/30/13 vs Ohio State - no need to guess - loss

So, this season U. of Little Missygan (UolM) was allowed to get all excited with wins over lackluster opponents, then was totally dominated when the real competition started. Instead of improving as the competition grew more intense, the UolM ball club has gone into a retrograde mode and there is no end to THE FALL in sight.

Projected season results:
5-0 arrogance
1-1 stumbling

It isn't over. It's just starting.

2014 will not be any better:  Requiem for the chUMps

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