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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little Missygan Honestly

Posted on Michigan's Brady Hoke: 'Honestly, we're a pretty good football team'

"The way our kids stuck together, it was like a high school football game. They were (on the sidelines) chanting ‘defense’ when the defense was on the field."

High school is such an apt description for at least 4 games played this season, probably more could be added to the list if one actually looked at the games. The game that steps forward to the top of the list is the 3OT win over Northwestern, which "proves" the University of Little Missygan (UolM) is a top tier program and the M-4 is ready to propel them back into the top 25 with win at Iowa.

A 3OT win over a hapless 4-6/0-6 Mildcats team is proof of what again? A 27-19 decision means what exactly for a team that averages over 34 points/game?
Beating a middle-of-the-pack 6-3/3-3 Hawkeyes team in Iowa City is probably the apex of the season for 7-3/3-3 UolM, should they manage to get lucky enough to escape with a win. On the other hand, Northwestern took Iowa to OT before losing 17-10.

All this means is, after all the years we Spartans have had to put up with elitist crap posted by dUMb chUMps, Skunkbears, and M-4 (the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine), we are now witnessing this self-proclaimed superior program settling for mediocrity.

As well it should.

Thank you Coach Hoax for your honesty.

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