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Monday, November 11, 2013


You have to wonder just what's going through the minds of the Michigan football players this week. They were lured into Ann Arbor on the promise of dominating the college football world like gods among men, yet here they are unranked during the home stretch of the season. Isn't that special?

The turmoil surrounding the University of Michigan athletic programs is not restricted to on-field failures. Now the Ann Arbor community is fighting back against Big Blue.

David Brandon recently made a withdrawal from UM's Swiss bank account to fund another technological monstrosity, an oversized digital-wall sitting atop the Pig House, making the stadium concourse look like the boardwalk in Atlantic City. The huge screen is fully lit up 24/7, showing videos and urging every passer-by to pay homage to the Immortal Skunkbear.

Well, some folks around there don't like it. And some of those folks are elected members of the Ann Arbor City Council. And that same City Council voted last week to shut down the mega-screen in the interests of public safety.

Not kidding here, the City Council is asking the University of Michigan to cease-and-desist with the crazy outdoor video screen. They want the lights turned off.

No word yet on whether that same Council will be asking Brandon to stop paying for skywriting planes. Local activists remain unsure whether they will take action against Wolverines Fitz Toussaint for mouthing off before the MSU game, or Taylor Lewan for unsportsmanlike conduct during the game. Insiders suggest action may be forthcoming to require UM Coach Brady Hoke to at least wear a headset during games, regardless of whether or not he really has anything important to say.

The Council gained notoriety in the 1970s when it officially decriminalized Arrogance within the city limits. Many observers were concerned at the time that the lax rules against Arrogance may promote it's spread by residents while outside of the municipal boundaries. (Hence, the city's nickname, "A-Squared".)

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  1. I think the Michigan Men are losing control. I guess Al Borges' play calling could drive you to drink but I don't know about peeing yourself. Any thoughts?


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