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Saturday, October 31, 2015


To quote former President Ronald Reagan, "There they go again..." In this case, it's not the News Media but the Sports Media that has found yet another way to twist the normal rules of logic to support their favorite team. Maybe this is what Mark Dantonio meant when he said, "It will never be over."

Michigan was a heavy favorite against Minnesota tonight, expected to roll to an easy victory with a point-spread in the mid-teens. Then suddenly, the Gopher Head Coach RETIRES in the middle of the week, an event which surely might have the effect of ending all hopes for Minnesota football this season.

But not to the UM-loving sports media! According to their reports, the abrupt retirement of Jerry Kill now means the Wolverines have their hands full with the Gophers, their backs against the wall, facing the juggernaut of a team that just lost it's leader. Really?

To show how stupid that line of thought actually is, let's turn the paradigm around.

If Jim Harbaugh abruptly retired,
would that improve UM's chances of winning?

Most people would say Michigan is only doing well because of their Head Coach, and if he suddenly left the team, they would be left rudder-less, floating aimlessly towards mediocrity.

But since Harbaugh said it was so, the sports media has accepted The Word of their Savior, and they have approved of his message. Beating Minnesota tonight is now Mission Impossible, so UM is fully protected in case they lose, and they can be fully heralded if they win.

This way, they win-if-they-win,
and of course, they win-if-they-lose.
It's truly a Beautiful Bias.

So it goes with Michigan Logic. The basic premise to all "reasoning" in the world of Michigan Logic is that UM is the crown-of-football-creation, and all thoughts begin with that understanding. Consider a few other media assumptions that have been propagated recently:

  • Michigan was a heavy favorite to beat Michigan State two weeks ago, so if UM won, they proved their greatness. But if UM lost, they are still "fine" because they are "ahead of schedule" and of course, because Harbaugh is the Coach and what could be better than that?
  • Once Michigan lost to MSU, their record dropped to 5-2, effectively eliminating them from so-called "playoff-contention", but actually not-so-much. UM is still "in the conversation", the only team in America with two losses getting such attention. And why? Because they actually beat the Spartans, get it? Their 5-2 record is as good as 8-0 in the eyes of the sports media.
  • Looking ahead to Ohio STATE, Michigan is now considered a contender to beat the Buckeyes, even though OSU is 23-0 in the last two seasons, while UM is 10-9 over the same span. Make sense? But I can only wonder, if Michigan was riding a 23-game win-streak, and Ohio State was only 5-2 this season, would anybody outside of Columbus consider the Buckeyes a serious challenge to The Great Harboni? Doubt it.

It's an amazing experience to watch the so-called "professional media" fawn over one team so much, despite any amount of evidence for a contrary position. It certainly gets tiring to watch it play out, over and over and over.

When will the sports media begin asking Urban Meyer if he's "rooting for Michigan" to win out before his team plays them? They've been asking that type of question to Mark Dantonio for the past nine years.


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