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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Most football people consider the Quarterback to be the most important player on any team. So why would Michigan be a touchdown-favorite over Michigan State?

Jake Rudock is ranked #95 on the NCAA quarterback list. Connor Cook is ranked #27. (The Foootball Bowl Subdivision includes 127 teams this year, but the NCAA ranks only 100 quarterbacks.) So the UM QB is at the bottom of the pack while the MSU QB is in the upper-third of the field.

  • Both players are fifth-year seniors.
  • Rudock has been with his team for a few months; Cook is in his fifth year with his team.
  • Last season, Rudock lost the starting job at Iowa, while Cook placed first among B1G conference quarterbacks.
  • Cook is high on the NFL Draft boards; Rudock, not so much.

Game-Set-Match: MSU, right? The quarterback comparison tilts heavily in favor of the Spartans. But somehow, they are picked to lose in a not-so-close game. What's the difference? It must be that legendary Michigan Team Defense, right? That factor must be so heavily tilted in favor of UM that it outweighs the QB mismatch. Must be the Wolverines have already faced this type of signal-caller and dispensed of him easily on their way to a lofty #12-ranking. Maybe they've canned two or three of Cook's stature already, that must be it, eh? Um, not really.

Three of the six quarterbacks UM has faced are ranked
in the bottom half of the NCAA rankings.

The other three quarterbacks UM has faced
do not make the Top 100 QBs list.

Looks like Michigan has been racking up gaudy defensive statistics playing teams that don't have much going for them at Quarterback. Just wondering, who is a better quarterback, the guys that UM has played against this year, or Tyler O'Connor?

So we're back to the opening conundrum. Michigan State has a massive advantage at the most important position on either side of the ball, but they are a prohibitive underdog in the game.

If Michigan had the undefeated record along with
the big quarterback advantage, is there any way whatsoever
that they would be an underdog in this game?

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  1. Why would UofM be favored in this game?

    1. Spartans Defense has looked average.
    2. Spartan offensive line is riddled by injuries.
    3. The game is in AA.
    4. Michigan's defense is elite (despite what you want people to think)
    5. Michigan's offensive line has made a huge leap since last year.

    Definitely give the edge to MSU when it comes to QB. In fact I think Cook is the Spartan's best shot at beating Michigan. But the better question may be, "Why does Dump the Chumps think MSU should be favored?"

    You spent the whole offseason poking the bear, and as it turns out the bear learned how to play football. Shoulda kept your mouth shut.

  2. Once again, BIG FAT NO on the "elite" designation. Would you say that the Boston College defense is "elite"? They are ranked ahead of UM. Other teams are also up there who have not played a tough schedule.

    Maybe you should go write for Maize-and-Brew? We are giving opinions that DIFFER FROM the Mainstream Media, we don't just parrot what we hear all the sports-geeks carrying on about. Since UM is favored, naturally we offer reasons TO THE CONTRARY. Can you comprehend that, or should we assign you a tutor in study hall to work on it for awhile?

    Seriously, what did you expect us to do, look at the Vegas Line and throw up our hands and shut down the web site? Beg for mercy? Change sides?

    You didn't read very carefully if you think we said "MSU should be favored". Never said that. Here, take a look into our crystal ball and you will see that on Friday, two days from now, I will announce that this game is a TOSS-UP. Neither team should be favored, and certainly not by 8-10 points. I will further recommend that Spartans everywhere TAKE THE POINTS as they are a gift from the Bluebloods.

    We have actually spent YEARS "poking" the weasel, not just last summer. That's exactly what this web site was designed to do, and it's what it does, every season and off-season. We don't change what we do just because they change coaches.

    I had the over-under for UM's season this year at 8.5 wins, with an equal chance at winning either 8 games or 9 games. They are right on pace, even with a loss on Saturday. I assumed a likely win for MSU in this game before the season, now I see it as a toss-up but only due to Reason #2 on your list. Without the injuries, it's a two touchdown win for MSU. But now, due to that factor, it's a TOSS-UP.

    Would you like to place a bet on the game, "Bill"? If so, which side would you take?


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