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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Here's one last set of chUMp comments from the week before the football game in Ann Arbor:

David, you really have a firm grasp on the pulse of this rivalry.
You are wise beyond your years. (Like, just shy of 18?)

Louis, you missed on your prediction by a mere 60 points.

Hey Tomaz Foroni, who is this "D'Antoni" of whom you speak?
Whom did the "stake insult"? Possibly...UM?

So, if MSU won the next 15 games, UM "still the big brother"?
Okay, got it. Standard operating procedure.

Would those "34 years to even up the series" all be games played in East Lansing?
If so, the home-field advantage would then be leveled. Otherwise, not so much.

The chUMp comments posted above were taken from various articles from the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, as they both use Facebook systems for users to post their responses to what they read. So the names you see below have not been changed to protect the guilty; rather, they are being presented as an extension of their original appearance in the days before the 27-23 MSU win over UM.

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