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Saturday, October 24, 2015


She was having fun until something happened that
she didn't expect and she did not like it so much
Michigan Football fans had a smooth ride until they ran Lloyd Carr out of his job. Since then, they've been just about like the rest of us. No special treatment for UM since RichRod showed up to work. The referees don't seem to "guide the games" like they used to for the Wolverines. They can't seem to "ride their talent" over lesser-quality teams. They don't dominate Ohio STATE or even play 50/50 with the Buckeyes anymore. And we all know how things have been going between the Spartans and the Wolverines.

So life has been hard on Michigan Football fans for quite some time now. They had their blip on the screen (2011) and then slid back down the hill, eventually buying their way out of purgatory with the famous Harbaugh Purchase. For all they paid Saint James, they knew their misery was soon to be over.

But apparently not yet. The Wolverines have received another free session of Empathy Training from MSU Coach Mark Dantonio, as they now know what it feels like to lose a game at the last second, even after holding a small lead for much of the game. Fans of most other teams have already "been-there/done-that", so we get it. But it's been hard for these folks to comprehend what's happening to them.

She literally can't tell what's happening to herself
Always good to deliver the lesson at the "teachable moment", which for Wolverine Nation is RIGHT NOW. Share a story or two with your UM friends about how you survived various horrible endings to games and sub-par seasons and disappointing coaches and so forth. Tell them you understand what they are going through, and that it's hard, but they can make it if they try. Encourage them NOT TO be like the pathetically infamous "crying man" (who you can watch on the clip at the bottom of this article).

This guy has a pain in his head he doesn't understand
HEY MICHIGAN:  We asked you a few weeks ago how it felt to see your team ranked lower than you thought they should be, as they ran off five straight wins, all convincing, but were only creeping towards the top of the rankings. Now you were heavy favorites on your home field and did not trail for the entire game, yet found a way to finish second in a two-horse race. So we'll ask you again:

Look at all the bricks these fans
crapped at the end of the game
These guys are doing isometric
chest-compressions to resist vomiting

    - - - The key thing this guy forgot was that people have smart-phones - - -

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