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Saturday, October 24, 2015


The Michigan Football team had a bye-week, but it probably felt more like a "buh-bye-week" after the ending of their game against Michigan State. In that spirit, we wanted to say "buh-bye" to a collection of "chUMps-Gone-Wild" who were caught online making arrogant boasting, rude putdowns, lame criticisms, and general chUMpmanship.

These comments were taken from various articles from the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, as they both use Facebook systems for users to post their responses to what they read. So the names you see below have not been changed to protect the guilty; rather, they are being presented as an extension of their original appearance in the days before the 27-23 MSU win over UM.

The captions, of course, are added by us:

Actually, Mike, the "run" went right over your team.

Rick, we hope Laguna Beach has
good professional mental health facilities.

Renae, you are quite the deranged bitch!
You were half-right; your team could "hang with" our team.

Ha ha, Thomas, that's funny. YES, REALLY!

Oh no, by all means, THANK YOU, Braylon!

Check back on this web site all day
Sunday and Monday, October 25 and 26,
for a series of posts featuring chUMps
who have to eat their words!


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  1. Trivia of the week: Harbaugh, "the Messiah of Michigan Football" and "the greatest coach in the country", is 5-2 / 2-1 and ranked No. 15 having lost to MSU (2015), while Hoke, "a true Michigan Man," who is now disowned and discredited by those same fans, was 6-1 / 2-1 and ranked No. 18, having lost to MSU (2011).


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