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Monday, October 26, 2015


There were so many words thrown around before the MSU-UM football game that they have cluttered the local atmosphere and they must be removed. The best way to get rid of them is to feed them back to their original owners, so we have been offering an all-they-can-eat word buffet for chUMps.

Hope Terry didn't have to "Welsh" on any of his bets.

Who is "dreaming of the old days" now, Terry?

Congrats, John, you covered both possibilities in your "prediction".
Then you excused your team in advance for losing.
Got it. Standard operating procedure.

Are you enjoying your college years in Kalamazoo, Steve?
Who would be "little brother" to WMU?

You're right, David, the game was "one for history".
Speaking of; shouldn't you be in history class right now?

The chUMp comments posted above were taken from various articles from the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, as they both use Facebook systems for users to post their responses to what they read. So the names you see below have not been changed to protect the guilty; rather, they are being presented as an extension of their original appearance in the days before the 27-23 MSU win over UM.

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