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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Everybody who works on this web site believes in accountability. We believe that what people say do must be measured-up against a standard of Quality. That's why we created this web site in the first place, to hold the sports media accountable for all of the blather they propagate about their top-crush-of-all-time, the University of Michigan. We offer facts and viewpoints that counter, or even contradict, what we call the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine.

We don't make lots of game predictions here, just once in awhile, and usually only when it's about an MSU vs. UM game. So when we do so, we feel it's our responsibility to report back to you on how we did. And the truth is, this week we did quite well.

We published pre-game viewpoints from "MSUSpartan76", "ATownAndDown", "return2glory", and "SpartanMan82". Everybody, in their own way, called the game a "toss-up", despite the sports media tsunami predicting an overwhelming tidal-wave blowout by UM. Most would agree that a game literally decided on the last play, must have been a "tossup".

Here's a look back at what our authors said before the game was played:


  • MSU wins by slowing UM ground game. 62 yards rushing and only one run longer than 8 yards.
  • MSU wins by pressuring Rudock. Three sacks, two quarterback-hits, and multiple hurried throws by Rudock.
  • MSU wins by letting Cook throw the ball. 39 attempts, 328 yards passing.
  • Advised against getting into third-and-long situations against UM. 3-12 on third-down.


  • UM has a special-teams advantage. Three field-goals, an 80-yard punt, and multiple big kick returns.
  • MSU Defense has advantage over UM Offense. Only 62 yards rushing, only 15 completed passes, 25% conversion-rate on 3rd/4th Downs, and only one run longer than 8 yards.
  • MSU Offense even with UM Defense. Nearly 400 yards of Total Offense, three touchdowns scored from scrimmage.

  • UM Defense is over-rated. Gave up 386 yards, 5.4 yards-per-play, and three touchdowns from scrimmage.
  • UM Offense has been un-challenged. Only two scoring drives of over 38 yards.
  • UM Offense statistically inflated due to running-up scores. 230 total yards, only 4.0 per play. "Good" but not "Great".
  • Connor Cook is the key variable. Cook threw for more yards than UM has given up in multiple games combined.

  • Wondered whether MSU would make it seem to UM like they were going to win, only to rev-it-up at the last second to snatch victory away from them ("little-brother" style). Golly, gee, look what happened at the end!
  • Said there was no way Dantonio would mock UM the way that Mike Hart mocked MSU, even if the same thing happened in favor of the Spartans. Dantonio complimented UM multiple times in post-game interviews and never claimed superiority over UM or "intent" to let game go down to the wire.

So while the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine was cranking out stories all week predicting the gloomy end of the Dantonio Era, we were keeping it real with our pre-game views. While crazy chUMps all over the Internet were spewing wild predictions of a vicious bloodbath, we sized up the game as a "toss-up", with either team about as likely to win as the other.

People like to call us "biased" for what we do,
but look at the record in this case.

Who was the "biased media" this week:
DumpTheChumps or the mainstream sports media?


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